10 Reasons to Date/Marry a Biker Chick

February 2, 2021

We have all heard that saying opposites attract. However, what if you both share common interest that can spark a lifetime of love and happiness. Fellas I am here today to tell you that there are a variety of badass women out there and today I will be talking about biker chicks. These are the 10 reasons why you should date/marry a biker chick.

We Are Adventurous

Yes, as a biker chick we know the meaning of adventure and we love to have fun. We are not scared to try new things. Riding motorcycles is already considered by most a dangerous activity. So bungee jumping would not be a far fetch act for us to try.

We Are Cheap Dates

This one will need to be manexplained. Yes guys a biker chick can be a cheap date. We are all about the ride. If you take us on a ride on a motorcycle and the only place there is to eat is a hole in the wall. We will be content. That doesn’t mean we don’t like our steak and lobster dinners. We still loved to be pampered. So fellas don’t think cause we can eat anyway you should slack up on how a lady needs to be treated and cared for.

We Pack Light

Again, this can be be case by case. However, all the biker chicks which includes myself pack light. If we decide to take a road trip on our motorcycles. It is a no brainer. We have to pack light. We can not pack the kitchen sink. There is only so much room we can store items on our motorcycles. I can not speak on behave if you leave the motorcycle behind and take a nice little vacation. In that case you will have the whole house packed.

We Are Supportive

We love what we do. That sometimes means we need validation. As a biker chick or lady rider. We are forced to a quick realization there isn’t many of us gals around. So we become not only supportive to each other. However, we are supportive to our male counterparts. If you support us, you will always have our support.

Biker chicks

Your Ex Will Be Scared Of Us

This one I didn’t know how true this could be until I seen it first hand. If you are a male and a nonrider who decides to take that plunge into dating a female biker. Your ex will be scared of your new partner. What can I say we are badass. We can be very intimating to nonbiker women. Why?, well we can ride a 500 to 1000 lbs. piece of metal with flammable fuel between our legs. If that isn’t a little scary then I don’t know what is.

Your Friends Will Be Jealous

There is two sides to this coin. If you have nonbiker friends and you and your partner ride. You tend to spend a lot of time doing such thing. This can create jealousy with your nonbiker friends. Rather it is time spent away from a bromance or the mere fact that you have someone that you share a common interest with. Now the second side of the coin. You have biker male friends. Their partner might not support their riding. They can feel jealous as they would love for their partner to participate. Even as a backpacker.

We Are Not Clingy

Biker chicks are a force to be reckoned with. We are very independent. As long as we have a bike we don’t need much. We love to ride solo and of course with our favorite biker friends. So, don’t expect a clingy needy partner.

We Are Handy With Tools

As mentioned above we are very independent. So, its no surprise we can work with a few tools. Bike repair can be very expensive. So as a biker chick we have to learn how to maintain our motorcycles. Especially if we are alone or on the road. Here I have left a video of me changing my oil on my Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

We Are Strong

As a biker chick we have to be mentally and physically strong. Mentally strong because its not just about jumping on a motorcycle and go. We have to mentally prepare and be focused at all times while we ride our motorcycles. We have to be on our peas and ques. Physically we have to be strong because motorcycles are heavy, Even the smallest motorcycle weight is 300lbs. So we have to be able to maneuver and pick the motorcycle up if need be.

biker chick

We Are Into Leather

We have reached the end of the 10 reasons to date/marry a biker chick. However, this last one I wanted to save for last as it is my favorite one. Fellas, we love our leather. We wear leather boots, leather gloves, and of course leather vest and jackets. We love leather and most of us love latex too. You can not get no more badass then that of a women who wears leather. Even on hot summer days.

I hope you all enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. Do you have any reasons to date/marry a biker chick. I would love to see them in my comments below. I love all the support so please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and head over to YouTube and follow me there for great videos.

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