10 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

January 3, 2021

Before I started riding I heard from friends and family. How dangerous motorcycles were. That I would crash or worst case die. Such an awful thing to tell your loved one. However, those comments were based on myths and not the understanding of motorcycles as a whole. Today I will walk you through 10 reasons to ride a motorcycle.

Its Cool

Ok the obvious right! As a little girl I always thought bikers were cool. Well turns out I was right. We are cool. More than breads, leather, and tattoos. We are educated, women, and mothers, fathers, and much more. Many bikers give back to their community. We are willing to go out our way to help others in need. That is what we are all about. Now not saying there are not bikers that are bad, but that doesn’t make up the majority of us.

Finding Inner Peace

When I ride I get a sense of clarity. Anything that makes me feel stressed or down in the dumps. I ride. Riding my bike gives me peace. Motorcycles are more than just jumping on and riding. It takes coordination, muscles, and brains. Riding requires full concentration. You have to be able to always be focused. Thus, anything else on your mind disappears.

Easy Commute

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes. However, they all have one thing in common. They are easy to park and commute back and forth. The best part you are not leaving a big environmental footprint riding a motorcycle as you are in a car. In many states such as California you are allowed to lane split. To afford traffic that can take you hours of waiting.

Easy on Gas

Motorcycles are easy on gas. One of the reasons is tank size. Depending on the type of bike you have depends on the tank size. Thus determines how much gas cost and how many time you have to refuel. To give you an example. Pagasus has a 5 gallon take which can get me about 260 miles on a full tank. From empty to full using premium gas I am looking at about $11. That’s bang for your buck. Smaller tanks require less gas thus less money. However, you are required to fill up more frequently if riding long distance. Using premium gas is essential to keep your bike in tip top shape. Premium gas is also a little more pricier than regular unleaded gas. But at $11 how can you really complain.

Different Perspective

As I mentioned above how riding a motorcycle gives inner peace and does even more. When you drive your car there are many blind spots. You are caged within metal with windows up or down. I am sure you are not sticking your head out your car window to feel the wind. On a motorcycle, you feel the wind. You have a 360 view. You are one with nature taking everything in. Sometimes that includes the occasional rain. But it is worth it. Bikers call this wind therapy. The wind melts away any bad feelings, stress, or issues you might be facing.

Meet New People

I have met so many different people throughout my life. Some I have kept great relationships with. From high school to the military. Long friendships have been created. So there is no surprise that when you ride you will meet other riders. You will grow bonds with them over a common interest. MOTORCYCLES! There are many motorcycle clubs, riding clubs, and organizations that bikers can join. If that isn’t up your alley then there are plenty of lone wolves out there that love to take that occassional group ride.

Reasons to ride a motorcycle

Makes You Stronger and Smarter

Who would of thought that motorcycles are actually healthy for you. Well they are. As mentioned above motorcycles are great for depression and mental health. But they are also great way of exercising. Rising a motorcycle for one hour can burn up to 300 calories. How you might ask? Well motorcycle have two wheels in most cases and with technology and science they pretty up stay upright while moving. however, as a biker you still have to control your bike. Which requires all your muscles. From balancing your bike, counter steering to turn, even shifting the gears up and down and stopping.

How does motorcycles make you smarter. Well, owning your own bike require coordination, basic knowledge of how to swift, and much more. Starting out I had no idea on how to change my oil on my bike. After a few $400 each oil change started getting old and expensive fast. So I had to learn how to do it myself. This not only saved me money. But it also allowed my to gain knowledge.


Like cars or trucks. Motorcycles are also customizable. You can get a standard bike model and within months make it your own. Each bike is different. Yea we might have the same brand and make. But my mirrors to my exhaust might be completely different from the next bike. That is what makes motorcycles so fun. They have such a huge varity of choices to customize.

Great Hobby

Motorcycles are a great hobby. They don’t even have to be your only hobby. just like fishing and hunting. Motorcycles are fun way to get outdoors. Many bikers take that hobby to the next level and make custom show bikes to win money and trophies. The sky is the limit for motorcycles. Many bikers use their motorcycles for traveling not only around the United States, but in other countries. Which leads to the last reason.


We talked about how cool motorcycles were. We even talked about how easy you can commute. But there are bikers out there that love to vacation on their motorcycles. There are bikers that even live out of their motorcycles. Yes, just like the new craze of van life. People have taken motorcycles and transformed them into a means to live. You can buy motorcycle campers. There are a few that find campsite and tent live throughout the year traveling state to state or around the world. I myself enjoy taking long road trips on my bikes and seeing new places. There are so many great roads to explore that are only fun if you have a motorcycle.

So there you have it. 10 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle. Do you have any reasons? Want to learn more about life as a biker. Stay tuned for my latest post and don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel.

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