10 Things to Get Rid of Before Spring

January 24, 2017

I thought that moving into a house and out of an apartment would give me more room for my stuff. However, I quickly found out that the more room you have the more you begin to hoard stuff. Here are 10 Things to get rid of before spring to declutter your house and life.

Old Cells Phones

In today’s society, people change out their phones every one to two years. To avoid cell phone clutter sell them on Amazon or Ebay. Another great way is to donate them. Now in Walmart and many stores, you can get rid of your phone for some cash.

Unwanted Books

If you have books that have not been read in a while consider donating them to your local library. Amazon and Ebay are another way to sell unused things, such as books.

Clean Out the Closet

Get rid of clothes you no longer wear. Take your time. If you have clothes that you haven’t worn a particular shirt in over six months maybe its time to donate your clothes or sell them.


The sock monster is in every home. why keep the other sock when you can not find the match. Throw them away. If you like to recycle one or two use them as dusters to wooden blinds.


Throw away out expired coupons. There is no need for them.

Old Cosmetics

Cosmetics have a shelf life. You can not keep them forever. Make sure you know the shelf life of each product and throw away.

Expired Food

Look at the expiration date of all food products such as can foods, boxed food, and another perishable food item.

Duplicate Items

The kitchen is where you can find duplicated items. More than one spatula, measuring cups and spoons. Send them off to the Goodwell.

Old Cleaning supplies

Get rid of any cleaning supplies that are no longer in use.

Old Tools

Unused tools that take up space in the garage can be sold at a local pawn shop.

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