14 Top Destinations To Visit in 2018

January 9, 2018

The holidays have past and a new year has begun. That means we have all started our New Year’s resolutions. Losing weight, laying off soda, getting out of debt, or buying a new house. whatever your resolution is did a vacation make that list? In the process of New Year, New Me rave. Why not a new vacation. A great way to bask in the sun and enjoy a little R&R from all the hard work we do in our ever so busy lives. Come on and plan that trip already. What are you waiting for? Time is too short. Make it count. Let us make 2018 epic.  To help you plan your trip in 2018 I arranged a list of the top 14 destinations to visit this year.


Let’s pack our camels and head to a foreign land. There is so much to do in Egypt from exploring the past to living it up. Egypt has you covered. First, we can explore the rich history Egypt has to offer. Luxor is full of such history to exploring the kings and queens that once ruled the land. Here you can explore the tomb of King Tut and the Valley of the Kings. There are river cruises, marketplaces, and museums. If history is not on the agenda than Egypt has beaches and diving that can cater to the adrenaline side. Visit the Red Sea Rivera for relaxation, diving, and any other water sports activity you mind can think of.


Uzbekistan is one of Asia’s largest growing travel spot. I totally can see why. Although it is an Asia country, there are many Russian influences. From building, museums, and much more. Here you can travel the silk road where trading takes place. Enjoy temples, mosques, and Russian/Asian architecture.


Whenever the word Fiji is mentioned, my mind goes to crystal clear water and little water resorts that you can jump off your deck and take a swim. From private islands to all-inclusive islands Fiji is never the wrong choice in planning a vacation. Did I mention there are sandy white beaches and crystal clear water? Not a figment of my imagination. Fiji is a great place to relax and take in all the nature has to offer. There are many places to get your adventure time in as well. Diving, hiking, and cruises. Fiji is full of fun for the family or a great place to spend your honeymoon.



If you are a big fan of Game of Thrones then you would appreciate Ireland. As Ireland scenery brings life into the ever so popular tv show. Located in Northern Ireland you can adventure and see castles and landscape that is used to make Game of Thrones what it is. Take yourself to Belfast the birth of the Titanic. Belfast also has a great scenery with cliffs and lighthouses. For a more fast pace adventure, Dublin is where to go. With the latest fashion trends, to great food. There is nothing you want to miss in Dublin. Explore castles and museums as well. There are many events that take place throughout the year.

New Orleans, LA:

New Orleans, AKA the Big Easy. My home for the past 10 years. New Orleans is like no other. Matter of fact it can be its own country as it differs from any other state in the US. New Orleans takes pride in the south, however, unlike many other southern states, it is diverse. The lifestyle is like no other. New Orleans beats off a different beat and there is no stopping it. Full of adventure there is so much to do in New Orleans.

If nature is what you seek then look no further. Swamp tours which are given daily offer a step into another world. Watch alligators in their natural habitat. If that is not for you have no fear. You can get your scare on one of many walking tours offered in the Big Easy. From cemetery tours, vampire tours, and voodoo tours there is something for all creatures of the night.

Speaking of night New Orleans has one of the best nightlife. Take a walk on Bourbon. Bourbon street is lined with bars, clubs, shops, and restaurants. Oh, let me not forget the bars do not close at 2 am so if you like to party well we are open. Nightlife not for you? No worries. Magazine street offers shopping and dining. New Orleans also offers a zoo and parks throughout the city. Mardi Gras World is a great place to take your family to see the rich history.

Abu Dhabi:

Home of the fastest rollercoaster. One of the richest countries in the world. Don’t believe me. Take a walk and see the many shops that show off their extensive line of jewels and gold or the mosque Sheikh Zayed. which is lined with gold and jewels. Need I say more. I better cause Abu Dhabi is more than a place to worship. Not to brag about Abu Dhabi but another great place to explore is the Emirates Palace. Home to many crystal chandeliers. There are daily tours throughout Abu Dhabi that will keep you busy. If you are looking for more of a thriller adventure off to the desert and experience camel rides and safaris. Ok to that rollercoaster. Formula Rossa is faster than an F1 car. Located in Ferrari World you can take this adrenaline coaster.


Swim with the sharks, and tour a colorful Lego inspired buildings. No kidding. There is a building built out of Legos. Filled with family fun. This building has a place to place and several places to eat. explore nature by standing next to Svend Wiig Hansen’s monumental sculpture. Take a run while getting hit with vibrate colors. Not enough adventure? Become a Viking for the day and explore the rich history which was once that of Vikings.

Washington, D.C.:

America’s Capitol. Washington DC has plenty to offer. Washington DC holds American history. There are tours in every direction. Tour the nations capitol building or the library of congress. Explore the Smithsonian museums such as the Air and Space Museum or The American History museum. There are many other museums to tour that are worth the visit. Take a walking tour of the WWII monument or the Washington monument. Enjoy the food trucks that line up near the National Mall. Again, there is so much to take in. Fun filled day that the whole family can enjoy. You can never go wrong with a visit. Did I mention? All monuments, Smithsonian museums, and much more is FREE of charge.


If you love the beach and the all-inclusive lifestyle. Jamaica is for you. Here there are plenty of resorts to cater to all-inclusive offers. And many are on the beach. Home of reggae you can dance your way into a good mood. Take a romantic horseback ride along the beaches. However, if romance is not what you are looking for, enjoy a hike to Dunn River Falls and Park. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a small dip in the water. Snorkel in Montego Bay or zip line in Ocho Rios. There is no shortage of fun in Jamaica.


Havana ooh-na-na. Half of my heart is in Havana ooh-na-na. Beautiful beaches beautiful people. HUH. Another great adventure awaits. Havana is known for their classic cars. It is like they are stuck in the past. I don’t mind as this place is gorgeous. Surrounded by water there is no shortage of water activities. From parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, to fishing. The beach offers much fun in the sun. Cuba is more than just beaches. Cuba has mountains that can be explored and swamps to tour. Enjoy the culture, food, and nightlife in Cuba. Cuba offers many options for your vacation needs.


One of the most visited destination. Like Cuba, the Bahamas is surrounded by water that means a fun-filled day in the sun awaits. There are plenty of places to walk along the sand and play in the ocean. From parasailing to snorkeling. The beaches are outstanding. Head to Atlantis and take a fun tour or enjoy in on the activities they have to offer there. Shop at the Straw Market. Where the locals come to sell their handmade items. Enjoy foods like conch and drink one of the most famous rum punch.

Miami, FL:

Another popular destination. Miami has an amazing nightlife and beaches. There is something that sends a smile to people’s faces when they see the beach. It is a way of relaxation and the sound of the ocean and the sand in between your toes sends many into a trance. A little Havana in the US backyard. Miami is not only known for the nightlife and beaches, but for golf. If you love golf then here is the spot for you. Shopping is also a tourist dream. Shop til your heart is content in Miami. Swim with manatees or snorkel. Many many options in Miami.

Glacier, Mt:

If you like the adventure of the great outdoors than Montana is the place to be. Which offers all outdoorsmen all they ever wanted. Glacier offers that and then more. A fun place to take the family. Glacier National Park is one of the largest national parks. Stretching through Montana and some of Canada. Glacier is located in my home state and I am proud to share this gem with the world. This is a must see in 2018. As glaciers are disappearing at an alarming rate. So don’t wait to visit. You can start your journey on the “Going to the Sun Road” this scenic route is one of the most breathtaking ways to see all of Glacier. Not only breathtaking but also a bit nail-biting. This road is very narrow. Cliff on one side and mountain on the other. A motorcyclist dream.

Watch for mountain goats and bears that roam the mountains and valleys. Depending on the time of year (closed during the winter months, due to snow) you can watch the snow melt and still see glaciers up close and yeah why not have a little snowball fight. There is fishing, hiking, and camping that can make you really feel at one with nature. Make sure to check out Heavens Peak which stands 8987 Ft. Enjoy the surrounding area such as Big Sky waterpark, the Amazing maze, and the House of Mystery.

New York, NY:

On top of my bucket list and only state, I have not been too. New York is such a fast past city yet there is something special about New York. Maybe it is watching New Year Eve live from the time I was able to remember. Or New York is featured in so many movies. Whatever the reason New York is a must see. The first stop for immigrants wanting to make a better life for their families. Home of the mobs and gangsters, Brooklyn and Harlem, and the Yankees. The list can go on.

There is always something going on in New York so anytime is a good time to go. New York has a lot to offer tourist as well. Take a walk in Central Park. Tour Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. View Time Square. Take a tour of the 911 museum. Catch a Broadway show. Something for everyone. You know what I’m saying in my Robert De Niro voice.

Check out TripAdvisor for more information about any trip you have planned. Need help planning a trip or ways to save for your trip in 2018. Check out my other blogs below. I give you tips on how to save, how to plan, and how my family and I enjoyed our vacations.

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  • Habiba

    Quite a view of those destinations are on my list as I am planning a trip to the states this year. I have friends in Florida, so Miami is an Id love to spend some more time in New Orleans and a weekend in New York would just be fab. Let’s see what I’ll be cramming into those three weeks in May. Ireland is basically around the corner from me as I live in Germany. So there is a chance I might finally get to visit this green island this year.

    January 10, 2018 at 7:13 am Reply
    • Amanda

      Miami is a nice place to vacation and I live in New Orleans. My bucket list is to visit New York this year. I would then have been to every state except Alaska. I want to visit Ireland, as well as my great-grandparents, are from there. So many places I want to see. I hope you get to come here and enjoy not only Miami, New York, or New Orleans but just the states. There is so many fun places to visit that you would enjoy.

      January 10, 2018 at 11:27 am Reply

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