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March 26, 2018

There is nothing more liberating than travelling. It does not just enhance our experiences but also gives deep insight into life. For the traveller, the world is an oasis. Every part of the world, every continent promises something unique. Amongst all the continents, the North American continent has attracted the attention of people around the world, mostly because it is home to one of the most powerful and progressive countries, i.e. the USA. But North America is much more than the United States of America. Here is a tour guide that would make your tour of the North American continent easy as well as memorable.

North America

Known to be the third largest continent in the world, North America has three major countries namely Canada, USA, and Mexico. The Caribbean Islands are also part of North America. Moreover, the countries that connect North America to South America are also considered as a part of North America although they are known as Central America. Nevertheless, when it comes to travelling in North America, the USA, Canada, and Mexico are the most popular.

How to Tour in North America?

Being the third largest continent in the whole wide world, North America is definitely vast. Moreover, each of the countries that belong to this continent is also quite enormous. In fact, the USA and Canada have a diverse geographical area and have 6 time zones. Hence, it is not only impossible to travel all of North America but even one of the countries in one trip. You may not even be able to cover the entire continent in one lifetime except if you dedicate your whole life to doing just that.

Every country in North America offers a lot of things to see and do. Even if you spend your entire holiday in just one of the cities of the USA or Canada, you may still have to miss a few things. Hence, there are certain things you need to know before you plan your holiday in North America.

Climate and Temperature:

The climate in North America changes as per the geographical area. The temperature in the northern part which includes Canada, Alaska and the central and northern states of the USA can go up to -30oC during winters, while the southern states and countries enjoy moderate to warm temperature. Moreover, the Caribbean Islands have a tropical climate. You need to keep these in mind while planning your tour. Cold climate can hamper with your travel plans especially in the northern part where several activities come to a standstill during winters. However, if you still want to visit during the winter months, you can surely do so with the right kind of clothing and accessories.


You would have to apply for a visa as per the country you want to visit. If you are planning to visit more than one country on the North American continent, you would have to apply for visas for all of them beforehand. Citizens of some of the countries can get a visa on arrival in the USA and Canada while most others have to apply for it from their own country. A simple search on the internet or a query to your travel agent would tell you whether you need to apply for a visa. Be it Mexico, USA or Canada tourist visa, every country has specific rules and regulations that you need to follow to get an approved visa. So, check out the nearby consulate of the country you want to visit as the first step towards your North American holiday!

Mode of Transportation:

The North American continent is well connected by air. You would easily find flights that would take you from one country to the other. Apart from this, air travel is the favourite mode of transportation even within these countries, especially the USA and Canada.  It is always best to take a flight to travel from California to New York which takes around 6 hours. Imagine how many hours it would take by road!

Most states of USA and Canada are connected by road and you would find buses that take you from one place to another. However, the journey is long and arduous. You would be wasting valuable time that you could actually spend exploring the places. Another great way of travelling in North America is by renting a car. If you have ample amount of time and of course, an international drivers license. Trains are a great way to travel within the states.

Popular Places to Visit in North America

This is a vast topic and may need a separate article in itself. With such a vast geographical area, you are really spoilt for choice. The best thing to do is not to see too many things at once! It is best to pick a specific region for every visit. This would give you the chance to explore the continent deeply. That said, let us take a look at some of the places that you should visit in each of the popular countries of North America.

United States of America:

The USA has 50 states and six time zones. So, there is ample amount of things to see and do. It is quite natural to be drawn to the vibrant cities of the USA. Some of the most popular ones include New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New Orleans, etc. However, the USA is much more than the cities. The country is home to some of the most stunning landscapes that would not fail to mesmerize you. One thing you should not miss in the States is its national parks.

Every state in the United States has a national park, in fact, 84 million acres of the country is a national park. So, whichever zone you are planning to travel in, make sure you check out at least a few of the national parks. Apart from this, the country has some of the best amusement and water parks, historical and cultural monuments, incredible museums, great entertainment, amazing nightlife and a host of adventure activities. In fact, it has everything that would make your holiday the best.


Located to the North of the USA, Canada is the second largest country in the world. Most of the Canadian population live in the Southern part of the country, making the country a sparsely inhabited place. Canada offers a diverse and beautiful landscape. The country of Canada is known for its trendy and pulsating cities, spectacular coastlines, majestic mountains, magnificent lakes, rich history and culture and people from almost all around the world.

When it comes to cities of Canada, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Ontario, and Montreal are the most popular places that you should not miss. However, Canada is not just the cities. The country has an impressive natural beauty and offers a myriad of world-class outdoor adventures. Some of the adventures that you can enjoy in Canada are surfing, skiing, snowboarding, ziplining, rafting, ice climbing, kayaking, and hiking. With such a vast variety of places to see and things to do in Canada, you would never have a dull moment during your holiday.



Mexico is fairly distinct from the rest of North America. From the people, culture or food. Mexico is quite unique and different from the USA and Canada and this is what makes it an interesting place. One of the greatest civilizations of the world. Mexico offers a beautiful mix of Mesoamerican cultures, contemporary arts, and Spanish traditions. You get to admire ancient pyramids, explore colonial churches and enjoy an amazing coastline in this country of North America. Moreover, Mexico also offers various adventurous activities including watching whales, climbing volcanoes, etc.

Mexico is known for its cuisine and anywhere you go you would get a taste of some mouth-watering Mexican dishes. Places to visit when in Mexico includes Mexico City, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, etc. A visit to Mexico would be a beautiful blend of beauty, culture, adventure and divine food.

North America is a fascinating continent. Plus, it is huge, and it is impossible to see the entire continent or even the countries in one visit. Hence, it is important to plan well. You can plan your itinerary country-wise or perhaps as per your area of interest. Whichever way you choose to explore the various areas of the continent, you are sure to have immense fun!

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