4 Steps Towards More Confidence

November 8, 2019

Confidence is such a tricking thing. Looking around you might see people that look like they are confident, but truly are struggling with the same insecurities as you. There are certain things we need if we’re going to be at our best, and achieve all that we’re capable of achieving. A stable routine, supporting people around us, and confidence and self-belief are all essential ingredients. Of these three, the hardest to make part of your life will be the confidence factor.

For something so essential when it comes to achieving our best, confidence is remarkable fickle and hard to pin down. One day we can feel on top of the world, the next we doubt everything. So how can you make confidence a more prominent part of your being? We take a look at a few tried and tested methods below. 


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It’s all too easy to fall into the habit of just standing still. If everything’s just fine. Then where’s the incentive to keep pushing forward? Taking a critical look at your life and figuring out where you can improve things. Will make your life more enjoyable and enriching, and also push your confidence levels in the right direction. Even small things make a difference. Rising earlier, reading more, eating better, and traveling more. Exercise daily can reduce depression and anxiety. All these combined can give you a solid foundation for improved confidence. 

Handling Issues

Sometimes, we can feel confident in general, such as in who we are, our skill sets, and so on. However, we can still face occasional crises of confidence. This happens because there are one or two things that lower our self-esteem. It could be that you don’t like your smile, or your hair is a mess, or you’re unhappy with your body shape. While you’ll have to accept the parts that can’t be changed, the aspects that can be changed are fair game. You can get help with your teeth, visit a good hairstylist, and exercise and eat well for your body shape. Taking steps to fix your posture can help increase your self-esteem. If it’s just one thing that’s knocking your confidence, then handle them, and move on.

Trying New Things

We can get so much confidence from learning a new skill. But the problem is that, once we’ve entered adulthood, the opportunities to try new things begin to dwindle. We get on with our lives and never get around to trying anything new. So you have to make it happen. You could take a cooking course, learn a new language, or pick up a new hobby. It’ll remind you that you’re not stuck in whatever world you’re living in — you’re a capable person that can do anything, so long as you put your mind to it. One particularly recommended new thing to try is to look at giving back through volunteering. Not for nothing do they say that it’s one of the most satisfying ways to spend your spare time.

How You Talk To Yourself

Finally, be mindful of how you’re talking to yourself. Everyone’s got that little voice inside them that tries to bring them down. Ignore it! Don’t be your own worst enemy. Talk to yourself in positive terms, in the same way, you would talk to a friend. Having self-affirmation is a must. Wake up each day with something nice to say. Even if it is one thing. It could dramatically change how you see yourself. 

What are some of your go-to confidence boosters? Leave a comment below.

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