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4 Tips for Staying Healthy While Visiting Vail, CO

May 15, 2019

Experienced travelers know that staying healthy on the road can be a challenge. Just an airline flight can present obstacles ranging from poor seat posture to recycled air to inadequate nutrition.

If you’re heading to Vail, Colorado, your quest to stay healthy and energized just got a whole lot easier. You’ll be in the biggest outdoor playground in the country. Forget your cramped home gym or the exorbitant fees from your fitness center. In Vail, your gym is the outdoors and it’s time to get busy!


Vail is one of the most bicycle-friendly places in the United States. Along the Eagle River, there are numerous paved bike paths. Where you can enjoy the mountain air and get a great natural workout on. Many bike shops, such as Venture Sports, will not only rent you a bike but also will offer guided and self-guided biking trips!

Of course, being in such a lovely mountainous area. You don’t have to stay on the road or path. There are lots of mountain biking trails, with some even accessible by chairlift. Simply ride to the top of the mountain and bike your way back down.


What skiing and winter sports are in the winter in Vail, fly-fishing is to the summer. Actually, you can fly-fish year-round, but the most relaxing and stress-relieving time to fish is during the warm-weather season. When you can stand peacefully in a beautiful river and gently cast for that perfect catch.

With so many adventure outfitters to choose from. Such as Sage Outdoor Adventures. It’s easy to find an outfitter to equip you for a half-day or full-day getaway.

Water Activities

Vail, Co

Image via Flickr by Ben Pugh

Many people enjoy getting a good cardio workout while in the water. Vail has excellent opportunities for swimming, SUP (stand-up paddling), or kayaking. Nottingham Lake provides a calm, gentle water source for beginners. Once you’re ready for some adventure, ask an outfitter to guide you to a more challenging stretch of water.

For those who want a more holistic stand-up paddling experience, Revolution Power Yoga offers an SUP yoga class, so you can do some authentic SUP moves while gaining all the holistic health benefits of a yoga workout!

Hotels and Spas

Many health-conscious people want an integrative experience, one that combines physically healthy activities with mental calmness and a stress-relieving tranquility.

Look no further than some of the world-class spas in the Vail area. Many of these spas offer a one-time drop-in fee so you don’t have to pay for a full membership to enjoy hot tubs, aromatherapy, massages, hot oils, and more.

You can still get in a healthy workout by booking a room at a hotel with a fitness center or spa. You don’t have to settle for a sparse in-room workout when you have access to a full fitness center. Couple that with in-room amenities such as a minifridge for healthy snacks, and you may find that selecting the right hotel the healthiest thing you do in Vail.

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    I love that you mentioned hotels and spa and the importance of combining those experiences in our travels. The best balance when traveling ❤

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      Yes, I believe all this should be included in a vacation.

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