Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Amanda. I am a proud Navy veteran, a mom, a wife, actress, biker, travel agent, and best of all a traveler. I have a passion for traveling. I have been all around the world and have met amazing people along the way. I started a blog to share my passions, tips, and tricks on how to travel. My favorite thing to share is how I travel with a large family on a budget. I have begun to explore the world on my motorcycle (Pagesus). When I am not traveling with the kids in tow, I am traveling with my husband on bikes.

Travel Agent:

Not only do I like to share my experiences on travel. I love to help others be able to enjoy their dream vacation as well. I am an independent travel agent affiliated with Inteletravel. My clients receive A+ care and 100% dedication from me. I will work hard to find that perfect vacation for you. The best part is. Having a travel agent is FREE!!! That means I will do all the leg work and you get to enjoy the vacation of your dreams. Here is a list of things I specialize in.

  • Family travel
  • Romantic getaways
  • All-inclusive
  • Luxury travel
  • Disney vacations
  • Cruise lines
  • And much more

If you like to book your own vacation no problem, you can do that on my travel website. *Using a travel agent can help you find the best deals and promotions and price match deals.


I love to give back to my local community and much more. If you have a community event, community involvement, or volunteer work, I am happy to help. Please contact me at

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January 19, 2018