Are You Setting Yourself Up For New Year

December 17, 2018

We are fast approaching the end of another year and the beginning of a new twelve months that can be filled with hope and promise. Traditionally, at this time of year, we start to think about what goals and resolutions we may make for ourselves. The promise of doing things differently, achieving something, or making change to help us feel better. Not all if us do it, but a good percentage of the population do intend to make some goals for the new year. Which is why it may be time for you to start seeking some inspiration to help you make yours. Here are some suggestions and prompts to help you think about the resolutions you may want to make.

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Make some changes to yourself

Often new year resolutions can have one major focus, and that is self-improvement of the physical kind. December is traditionally a month of indulgence. The food is plentiful, the drinks are flowing, and your schedule is maxed out with work and social events. Naturally January becomes a time of focus for things like diet and fitness. Which is why so many people make this their new year resolution focus. However, your resolutions may be a bit more specific than that. Perhaps you want to look at new makeup techniques or have a different hairstyle. Try a coolsculpting treatment to help with body shape or invest in facials and skincare treatments. There is so much you could do, and often being specific can help you to achieve them.

Work on your mindset

Your mindset could be something that the new year has you focusing on, and often your mind can then have a knock-on effect in other areas of your life. A lot of people will find that January isn’t a cheery month. Credit card bills, cold weather, and the long wait till; payday, it can be overwhelmingly negative. Trying to focus on a more positive outlook on life could be your resolutions and ticket for a brighter year ahead. Starting with gratitude and being aware of what you have in your life. Turning bad situations into positives and forcing that way of thinking. It may feel hard at first, but like anything, new habits will be made and this could affect your life in terms of confidence, in your career and your relationships.

A change of lifestyle could be in order

Finally, is a change of lifestyle on the cards for you? It could be that you like the idea of a new diet or even considering vegetarianism our veganism. Many people often try crash diets in January, but instead why not focus on finding the right balance. This can often be sustained further along that those first few weeks of the year.Fitness is another thing that could be a focus for you. Starting off slow or making it a challenge to exercise a few times a week or daily. Building it up or giving yourself a long-term goal such as running in a race or even a marathon. A lifestyle change is something that is for a longer period of time than just the first month of the year, so set yourself targets and then actionable goals to help you achieve them.

What goals are you setting for the new year ahead?

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