Bored In Your Office? How To Occupy Yourself

February 12, 2020

We all have those kinds of days at work. It’s maybe a slow or otherwise unhurried day, and we have a hard time finding tasks to fill the gaps. Even worse, we’re never too sure whether what we can do would be productive or beneficial for our business! 

Don’t worry, even as a home business owner, or having a small company of your own, these days will come and go and make you feel all kinds of things throughout. It’s not a sign you’re failing, and there’s so much you could do to otherwise occupy yourself! So let’s go through some of those ideas, and see if the spark of inspiration lights inside you. 


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Ring Around and Work on Cold Calling 

This is a great idea for any freelancers out there. Especially if you’re new to the world of working for yourself. You’ve got a lot of networking to do in order to build up your client base and your reputation. So why not use a lazy day at the office to get a hold of some numbers and ring them up to see if they could use your services? It’ll definitely be a productive use of your time, even if you don’t get many responses. 

Create Some Official Templates for Later

If you’ve got at least half an hour to fill right now, why not put your computer skills to good use (specifically your Word or Excel skills…) and create some office templates you can make use of again and again? Because it’ll save you a lot of time down the line, when you have a busy day and feel rushed off of your feet, and it requires an attention to detail that your bored brain needs right now! 

You could even visit a website like, to check out the kind of software that would make making versatile and officiated templates for your business a lot easier. Any kind of document you could think of making could be done in the spare time you have right now, and you’ll definitely thank yourself for it later on. 

Sign Up for Conferences or Attend Online Seminars

And finally, if you really have nothing to do and need something to sink your teeth into, it’s time to check out the online networking world, and see what’s on offer. After all, more and more people are working from home or in flexible arrangements, and an online connection is really all you need to connect and learn with and alongside like minded people. 

Who knows who you could meet here? Get yourself out there, through a virtual interface (good for those of us currently working on business confidence!), and talk about you and what you do. You don’t have to sell anything here, so don’t feel pressured to get that elevator pitch just right. It’s just a slow and lazy day at the office, after all.  

Use Your Time At Home Wisely

Do some research from home. Like mentioned above. Working from home can grant you many freedoms. Like scheduling a conference, or online seminars. However, what about advancing your career? Take a few online classes. Limit the amount of time spent on social media. Although most Americans are getting their news from social media. They are not always accurate and can be false propaganda. Check out this great article. This wonderful site can connect you to other at-home workers. Build your own community while receiving updated news and events.

Leave The House

Today’s world has so many people working from home. Things can become a repetitive day in and out. Why not treat yourself to a mini-break. Go to the store. Or better yet plan your next vacation.

Feeling bored at work? Do something drastic to change it!

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