The Business of Acting

January 27, 2017

The Business of Acting

The business of acting. It can bebrutal. The constant rejections can take a toll on your ego. However, it doesn’t have to be. I have had many questions about rather I am an actor or not and if I like doing it.  So I decided to have people ask me questions and I would answer.

Q: Do you act?

A: Kind of, I do background/extra work. Which fills in the fluff on movies and television. I will be signing a contract later this evening for bigger roles and on-screen time. This includes movie, tv, commercials, modeling, and much more.

Q: What have you been on?

A: Benji the Movie comes out this year and NCIS: NewOrleans. Have been on several episodes. Playing different roles.

Q: How did you start?

A: A friend showed me the way. Once I got a few gigs I started to network, which lead to an agent.

Q: How much do you get paid?

A: This depends on a few factors. What I’m working on and the casting company I work for.

Q: Do you like it?

A: Of course I do. I’m the boss. I can choose not to do a shoot or do it. It is all up to me.

Q: How does it work?

A: I look for roles and sign up. If I get an email back that they are requesting me. I turn around and it is booked for me to be on the set. Before the big day, I am given instructions on where and when to meet. After a shoot I am sent home with a ticket/voucher and a check is mailed to me in a few weeks. I then repeat.

Q: How are the Actors/Actress on set?

A: One word amazing. The actors/actress down to the crew are all pleasant. They treat you well.

Q: What are the perks?

A: Being able to pretend. Also, they feed you well and I love food.  Breakfast and lunch are served by top chefs.  Another great perk being around the people. I meet new people everytime I go and I create such a great bond with them. On one set there was a group of us all veterans and it so happened to be Veterans day. Therefore, we bonded in such a short time. The last perk is getting to get you hair and makeup down by professionals. That will never get old.

Keeping it Real

I am not a big movie star and don’t pretend to be. If you were thinking that being an extra will make you famous. You are wrong it won’t, you will be unnoticed and overlooked. You will see and meet directors, but they will not look at you and say OMG she is a star. I want her in the next movie. It doesn’t work that way. That director needs to be able to hear you speak and as a background/extra, there is no need to talk unless spoken to. Even if you spoke to the director which I have several times. That is not going to make you famous. You need to audition for roles and see where your talent lays. You don’t need an agent to do this, but an agent will come in handy if you don’t know where to look or start.

I hope I answered many questions you may have had. If you want to ask more please do by commenting below. I love to hear from my viewers.




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