clver packing tips

Clever Packing Tips All Travelers Must Know

November 6, 2019
Clever packing tips

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Here are six clever packing tips to make life easier. Going on vacation is a wonderful feeling. Whatever your travel destination. There will be amazing sights to see, delicious foods to taste, and exciting activities to experience. Sadly, trying to cram your life into a suitcase isn’t nearly as enjoyable. Packing too little or packing too much will leave you feeling stressed and put a damper on the excitement. Thankfully, you can make packing a much easier process. With that in mind, here are six clever packing tips all travelers must know. 

Make A Packing List

Packing for a vacation is an undeniably stressful task. What makes the ordeal worse, however, is leaving it until the last minute. Doing so means you’ll probably forget something crucial. Thus, causing disruption to your trip. Being prepared will help to avoid this stress. So, make a packing list beforehand. A packing list can contain items you will need to bring with you. Such as essential clothes, toiletries, and more. Reviewing this list can avoid any essentials being left at home or in the hotel. 

Save Your Travel Documents

Among the many disasters you could encounter while traveling, losing your travel documents is one of the worst. The goods news is, avoiding this tragedy is relatively simple. What you have to do is follow the steps on Digging through bags for boarding passes is frustrating, but screenshotting them will let you save them on your phone. Make sure they are in your hands or easy to access when you are boarding or at varies checkpoints along the way.

Clever packing tips

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Wear Any Bulky Items

Limiting the number of items in your luggage will make packing much easier. That is one of the many benefits of saving your boarding passes to your phone. Wearing bulky clothes will lessen packing stress too. Not only will you have less to pack, but the luggage will be lighter. This keeps you from exceeding baggage limits. Coats and boots are just two items you could wear to travel. Keep in mind. Know where you are traveling and the time of year. Avoiding bringing extra clothes is better than bringing them at all. Check the weather. If there is a chance of rain pack accordingly. Another great tip is to combine outfits. Getting the most out of what you bring.

Use Hand Luggage Wisely

Lost luggage is a very real risk when traveling. Even if you keep track of your bags well, there are no guarantees that the airline will. For this reason, you must pack good hand luggage. To avoid valuables being lost, make sure you keep them with you. Having a spare change of clothes is also helpful. This means you will have something to wear until you’re reunited with your cases. Also, remember pack medication in your carry-on luggage.

Leave Some Extra Space

Whatever size your suitcase, you must leave some extra space to spare. Forgetting to do this means you won’t have anywhere to keep any purchases you make while you’re away. Having a larger suitcase doesn’t mean you can pack more. After all, baggage limits apply regardless of what size case you have. If this space remains free, you’ll have saved yourself a backache. 

Clever packing tips

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Color In The Suitcase

Everyone dreads losing their luggage when flying abroad. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to prevent this. At, you will find many ideas of ways to personalize your suitcase. Thousands of cases could look exactly like yours, so making your luggage stand out might prevent another traveler from taking it home by accident. 

Packing is an essential travel task, so do it right by following the tips above.

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Clever packing tips

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