The Ultimate Curly Hair Products Under $10

December 19, 2016

Curly Hair Products

There are thousands of pictures of hairstyles on the internet, however, there isn’t many on naturally curly hair. I am not talking about the curls you can get from a curling iron or perm. I’m talking about Au natural.

After searching the internet. I found a few nice hairstyles from Pinterest, but there are no instructions on how to get that particular style. YouTube did have some how-to so I started trying them on myself.  I learned the dos and don’ts as well as I learned what product works best on my hair. As far as the product goes. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get them. You don’t need that expensive curl gel or cream. I will share my secrets and what I use. All my products are under $10. And at the most under $5.

So the first step in the natural world is to have healthy hair. You need healthy hair to have a great hairstyle. That is a MUST!!!!!! So here are my tips for you as we go through my hair routine. How do I achieve this?  I don’t wash my hair.


Healthy Hair:

You have to have healthy hair. Consider not washing your hair every day. *Washing curly hair everyday washes out the natural oils which can help your hair curl. Don’t worry your hair will not smell or become dirty.

What I do is shampoo and condition using Aussie Moisture shampoo and conditioner ($3.39 each) once every 3 to 4 days and with a co-wash (Aussie conditioner) every 2 days. I use my fingers to work my conditioner in. You can use a wide tooth comb. I prefer to use my fingers because I am able to feel the knots in my hair and release them as I go. Then I keep conditioner in for 5 minutes. I rinse the conditioner out with cold water to lock in the moisture and don’t wash it all the way out. Using a t-shirt to dry my hair so I don’t have frizz that regular towels tend to cause.

The Product:

Frizz Control:

The products I use change from time to time, but here is a list that of my go to products.  My first product I use is the Fructis Frizz Control ($4.99). I add just a little to my hair as you do not need a lot. Many this is silky smooth.


The next step is I separate my hair into two sections. Right down the middle if my head. This is optional. I do it because I have thick hair and want to distribute the product evenly. The next step is to add Shea Miracle Leave-in conditioner ($3.65) or the Olive Miracle Leave-in ($3.65). They are both by African Pride. Once all the moisture products are added, I move on to the curling products.

I use several different curling products but only will focus on ones I listed under $10. Remember to keep hair into two sections. I add either the Shea Miracle Bouncy Curls Pudding ($3.65) or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($ 6.99 for the small bottle) you can add both at the same time which I do a lot.

The Gel:

My last step I add Eco Styler. The green bottle ($5.69). This is to smooth out my edges and keep my curls together without adding a stiff gel.  *I only add quarter size amounts of each product to my hair. So if I separate my hair into two sections. I hold one section in between my index finger and thumb. Whatever the space between my index finger and thumb is, that is the amount of product I put in. Then I switch the other section and so forth.

All these products were under $10. And for someone that has curls like myself and wants to flaunt them, it can become very expensive. With a little homework, there are products out there that can give you the healthy looking curls.

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