Discover The Uniqueness Of Australia

February 6, 2019

Australia deems to be people’s ‘dream location’.When asked where their dream vacation is. If you ask them why. You will receive many different answers. However, it all comes down to one thing, and this is the uniqueness of Australia.  There is nowhere else in the world like this country. The culture is unique, the people are unique, and even the wildlife is unique.


Aulstralia’s Culture

Australia’s culture is unique and diverse. The original habitats of Australia are the custodians of one of the oldest continuing cultural traditions in the world. These are the Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals. Their ancestors live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle and have inhabited Australia between forty thousand and sixty thousand years. Therefore, this culture is truly fascinating and with a car or mini bus hire you will get the opportunity to explore everything about it when you visit Australia.

Australia’s Lingo

Australia has one of the most unique languages. The slang words used by the locals might need some time getting used to when visiting Australia. Many people will agree that the Australian accent is a delightful one and like no other. However, there are some words you will need to learn to understand while visiting.

  • Thongs – This is not the underwear, in Australia ‘thongs’ refers to flip-flops!
  • Daks – If someone says ‘mate, I like your daks’, they are referring to your trousers.
  • Spiffy – How someone calls you spiffy, it is definitely a compliment. This word describes something that looks great.
  • Dunnie – Wondering where the nearest bathroom is? Ask someone for the dunnie!
  • Rellies – A slang word used for ‘relatives’.
  • Fair dinkum – Another great term that is used to say someone who is real and genuine.
  • Hooroo – Last but not least, the final slang word you should learn is ‘hooroo’. This quite simply means goodbye.

Australia’s Wildlife

Learning about Australia’s culture and the slang words used in the country can be useful. Hopefully, you can see why Australia is such a unique place. One of the main reasons why so many people book trips to Australia is because they want to experience the wildlife Australia has to offer. This is another thing that makes the country so special. Let’s end by revealing some of the unusual native animals you can expect to see whilst in Australia…

  • Kookaburra – This bird is unique because of the distinct noise it makes. Which is often described as sounding like someone laughing. It is part of the Kingfisher bird family and can often be found in the woodland area.
  • Dingo – A dingo looks just like a dog, however, they can be somewhat ferocious and unpredictable, so you do need to be careful.
  •  Emu – The emu is featured on the Australian coat of arms. It is the country’s largest bird and interestingly can only go forwards.
  • Wallaby – Last but not least we have the wallaby. After all, it wouldn’t be right to mention Australia without talking about a kangaroo. A wallaby is essentially a small kangaroo and is one of the more widespread native animals.

Discovering the uniqueness of Australia can be fun for the whole family as well as a great romantic getaway. With so many options for people to choose from.

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