Everyday At-Home Activities That Help Reduce Anxiety

March 20, 2020

Anxiety is a normal emotion every person feels, but too much of it, and frequently, could mean that you’re developing anxiety disorder. Once it starts to affect your daily life, becomes hard to control and out of proportion in some situations, you should consult a mental health professional.

But anyone has days where they feel too anxious, even if they don’t exactly show symptoms of anxiety of disorder. Stress, another normal body reaction, can escalate to chronic stress if not managed, causing anxiety that may potentially develop into a full-on anxiety disorder.

So, if your job or education is already overwhelming you to the point that you can’t help but breakdown, make time for these daily activities that will reduce your anxiety before it harms your mental health:


People who exercise regularly are found to have less likelihood of experiencing anxiety compared to those who don’t. Therefore, if you can spare just a few minutes of your day to unleash some sweat. Try jogging or walking around your neighborhood. The repetitive motions will effectively relieve your stress, and get your mind off your worries.

Get a Hug

Did you know that we have a so-called “cuddle hormone?” Oxytocin, a hormone associated with happiness and reduced stress levels. Is released by our bodies every time we receive a physical touch from our loved ones. So, when things get a bit too overwhelming. Don’t be shy to ask for a hug from a friend, significant other, or family member.


Everybody talks to themselves, but not always in a healthy way. When you feel anxious, the manner in which you create inner dialogues is crucial. If you throw harsh words to yourself, you worsen your situation. Instead, adopt a more realistic and compassionate way of speaking to yourself. Try to be optimistic and kind, and as a result, you’ll learn to have a more positive outlook.


Meditation activities like yoga are known to do wonders in combating stress and anxiety. But you can also meditate even without doing yoga. Simply spend some time comfortably seated without any distractions around you. Have some tools to help boost your concentration, like aromatherapy and beautiful mala beads. Consistent meditation can bring forth long-term benefits, so make it a goal to meditate as often as you can.


You may think that being anxious makes laughing impossible, but you couldn’t be more wrong. By simply watching something amusing, talking to your friends, or seeing a comical image. You already smiling and laughing. Make it a habit to distract yourself with something funny every time your pending duties overwhelm you.

Listen to Music

If your favorite music is no longer effective in soothing your anxiety, try listening to classical and other tunes instead. These slow-paced music can be amazingly relaxing. But if you want a more one-of-a-kind melody, just go outside and listen to the sounds of nature. They’ll certainly calm you down, hence they’re commonly used in meditation practices.

Play With Your Pet

Is your hectic life keeping you from spending time with your pets? If so, they must be missing you terribly. So, give them some long overdue TLC. Cuddling with your pets also releases oxytocin, so definitely make it part of your routine. Moreover, caring for a pet gives us a sense of purpose, which may motivate us to keep achieving our goals.

You are bigger than your anxiety, so don’t let it weigh you down and define your abilities. Reach out for support when you feel discouraged and don’t hesitate to approach a mental health professional even if your anxiety is still manageable.

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