Find Your Personality to Attract Your Ideal Partner

April 9, 2020

When we’re single, we can’t help but daydream about our ideal partners. Imagining what they look like, sound like, their hobbies and interests. The scenario of our first meeting. Turns out that this natural instinct to daydream about our love lives can be the key to attracting our ideal partner.

But if you’re wondering why you’re still single even after many months or years of daydreaming. That’s because you may not be daydreaming the “right” way. If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, which states, that you should focus on your desires to attract them into your life. But the trick to make this law work more powerfully is to daydream about your future self, rather than your future partner.

Developing Your Personality

Oftentimes, when we imagine our future love lives, we only picture ourselves as the same person. We almost never consider that we’ll be a different person five years from now or just within the next year. The reality is that we change all the time, and our outlooks on romance are also affected by that natural change. So what you envision now may not be aligned with your future self.

Hence, when you daydream about your future partner, shift the focus to yourself. How do you see yourself in the near future? When you’re about to meet your date? What qualities of yours have changed or developed? Where are you working? Are you successful?

If your ideal partner, for example, is an elite person with a very promising career or is already at the peak of their success. Develop your personality to become a great match for that person. Find peers and friends within the elite circle, too. In a five-year study called “Rich Habits,” it was found that millionaires make a conscious effort in selecting their friends only among the people they aspire to be, who are the rich and successful.

So, how will you fit into the elite society if you don’t have any connections that can introduce you to them? Ditch gaudy bars, nightclubs, and dating apps, and reach out to an experienced elite dating matchmaker, instead. They’ll pair you with other singles who match your ideal type and give you coaching too. If you’re anxious about making a good, lasting impression on your dates.

But what if you suddenly meet someone who seems to be a great person, makes you laugh, and makes you feel important, but then sometime later, their toxic traits manifest? How did you attract such a person?

Behaviors That Attract the Wrong Partner

The average person chooses their friends and significant others unconsciously. Joining just whoever makes them comfortable. It’s where the adage “birds of the same feather, flock together” came from.

While befriending people of the same interests, outlooks, economic statuses, etc., isn’t a bad thing, it could potentially drag you down instead of lift you up. Especially if they don’t carry the qualities of the people you aspire to become. If they have toxic behaviors, then they’re really detrimental for you because you may absorb them.

If you take things too personally, hold grudges, are constantly jealous, pessimistic, and judgmental. Then there’s a big chance that those behaviors are leading you to the path of toxic relationships. Strip away those negative qualities, and practice envisioning yourself as an enriching, successful individual with a partner who’s just as awesome.

Avoid people that give you nothing but negativity, and only surround yourself with friends who enrich your life. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself more than one potential date that will never disappoint you.

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