Things to Do For Your Husband

January 2, 2017

With Valentines Day a month away.  I decided to share things to do for your husband. You can bring back those magical sparks and create a romantic evening for the two of you.

Fun Free Things To Do

Cook Him His favorite Meal: A very simple task especially if you share the same favorite meal. I’m not a natural-born cook, so my husband is the main chef in the kitchen.  But there are those meals that I know make their way to his heart.

Greet Him When He gets Home: This one thing can take less than 10 secs to do and he will be thankful for it. When he opens the door greet him with a hug and kiss. When he walks out to make sure you say goodbye.

Let Him Pick a Movie and Watch it With Him: I know all those Kong Fu movies and Action films can be overwhelming and boring for us, but watch them anyway. I’m sure he has sat through a few sappy girly movies with you. 

Send Him a Pic of you: Using Snapchat I send random funny pics and videos to my husband. Just to put a smile on his face.

Walk in The Park: The first few years of marriage we didn’t spend a lot of money treating ourselves. A walk in the park was our ideal of a good time.

Back or Foot Message: I love receiving both so why not return the favor. The 10-minute message is all it takes.

Tell Him You Love Him: We live busy lives and women can use up to 3000 words a day. Make sure these three words are said just as many times to your spouse.

Park date

A quick day trip to the park

Fun Inexpensive Things to Do

Pay for Dinner: I have a separate account from our joint account and I treat my husband to dinner. My treat. I know there are women that think that being independent thy don’t need a man to pay for anything. But chivalry isn’t dead at least not in my marriage.

Bring Him Food to Work: If you are able to meet him at work or if you can just drop off lunch to him. Depending on my husband’s schedule and if he has time. I stop by and bring him lunch of his choice. This is an uninterrupted time we get together.

Leaving Him Sweet Notes to Find: When I first got married I use to leave little notes in the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. “I love you, more than…..” or “ARNF” which means Always Remember Never Forget. The dollar store has plenty of cards that can get you throw months worth of appreciation and I love you.

Couple time

Fun Things to Do For Your Husband


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