Has Covid-19 Changed The Way We Travel

July 31, 2020

When dealing with COVID-19 that no one seems to understand. It can create a sense of fear for those that love to travel. I know as a seasoned traveler it struck a chord with me. The uncertainty of traveling. When travel came to a halt. So now what?

As a travel agent, Covid-19 has tested my skills to the limits. From cancellation after cancellation. Don’t get me wrong, I have still people booking for future travel. So there is an upside.

So, is travel dead? The answer…..No! As of right now, you can still travel. There are restrictions however that you need to follow where ever your destination is. So be mindful. If you decide to leave the country they have their own rules and regulations. So let’s dig into traveling.

Can I Still Travel During COVID-19

Yes, you can. As long as the state or country you are visiting allows travelers. Always check before you decide to go. Some states are requiring a 14-day quarantine if you travel. Click here for state by state.

If you are deciding to travel outside your country. Check to make sure that country is allowing citizens in. Click here for traveling out of the country.

Do I Have to Wear A Mask

Yes, Most states are requiring it. Matter of fact most countries are requiring it. Again, make sure you follow each state’s regulations and rules. Covid-19 is still not really understood. So best to follow guidelines set forth.

As of right now airlines are not allowing passengers on or taking off if people are not complying with the rules.

What Should I Expect

Well, if you are planning a vacation this year. Make sure you are checking in on the hotel, flight, and state regulations daily. As these can change. For example. I booked clients last November to leave this September. I had to change resorts twice so far. With little under 50 days left. This trip will be stressful until my clients have made it to resort and well on their way to enjoyment. Covid-19, as companies having to change how they serve us safely. This includes resorts, amusement parks, and cruises. So there are training and extra measures put in place. This also means that many resorts, etc can’t accommodate so many people. Also many flat out closed for the end of the year. Thanks to Covid-19.

Expect less waiting times and shorter lines. Yes, people are still afraid to travel. I can completely understand that. However, for those that dare to travel. They are seeing less crowded areas. No waiting in line. Cheap Deals as COVID-19 hit the travel industry hard.

Many travel companies are struggling. What does that mean for you as a traveler? Book!!! Yes, I’ll say it again book. You don’t need to book for this year. Travel companies are booking well into 2022. With GREAT deals. How great you ask.

Carnival Cruise has offered all booked guest that were cancelled two options. Option 1: Full 100% refund. Option 2: Rebook at a later date and get $600 on board credit per room. I don’t know about you but option 2 is hard to pass up.

Carnival isn’t the only company offering great deals. There are so many resorts offering rooms half price even 75% off, to getting a night for free. These deals will not last forever. Once people start to travel again. Those deals will never be seen again. So, if you are not ready to travel now, that is okay. But don’t wait too long to get these great deals.

So has COVID-19 changed the way we travel. Yes, normal will not be normal again. However, as humans, we are capable of adapting to anything. Travel is one of those things.

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