The Most Inspirational People of All Times

The Most Inspirational People of All Time

May 16, 2017

In today’s society, there aren’t many people you can look up to. Of course, you can idolize Kobe Bryant and dream to become a Beyonc√©. But I’m talking about someone who actually changed your life for the better. Ordinary people who walk into your life briefly or is there for a lifetime. These are the most inspirational people.  I have a list full of them and I wanted to share with you a few of them that have inspired me to be a better person.

My Mom/My #1 FAN!!

She is at the top of my list, why? She is my mother! But really without her, I would not be here today writing. I would not be this amazing human being without her. She was a single mom until I was 10 years old.She tried her best in the situation to give me a good life. My childhood life wasn’t always perfect but what childhood is.

My most memorable memories were the holidays. If anyone knew how to do holiday crafts she was the one. I remember doing Christmas trees out of phone books or making popcorn string to wrap around the tree. She taught me how to paint and make ceramics. She is talented in many things from plastic canvas, sewing, knitting, and painting. My number one reason she is first because she is the reason I’m a great mom. She never judged my parenting. When I was pregnant she would give me advice, but never push me to think her way. She is my #1 fan. She supports me in anything I do.

The Colonel/ Max

Max was one of my grandpa’s friends who so happened to be a retired Army Colonel. I use to love going with my grandpa to his house. This was not only for the peanut shaped pool he had. Although that was fun. He gave me encouragement.

He lived in a modest two-story home with his son Skip who had down syndrome. I saw him as a strong and caring man. He had so much passion for things. From his travels around the world. He had a story of all the things he collected along the way. From his huge bear fur hanging in his poker room. He lived life to the fullest and was proud of it. He loved his son dearly and treated him no different from anyone else which I admired about him.

Max’s house was styled in Victorian age figurines and paintings, and furniture. Something out of a magazine. I loved the feel when I would walk in. It was like I was stepping into another time period. Max always had war stories to share and how he loved the military. He shared these stories with me as he knew from a young age I wanted to join. Max was always thrilled for our hour discussions about combat and places he got to see.

He made me a dreamer. That I can travel the world. Before I left for boot camp, he was one of the few people I stopped to say goodbye to. That day he handed me a check for $100. He said, “Just to get your bank account started, and so you can pick something nice up when you go to your first country.” During my time in the Gulf, Max passed away and I was unable to thank him for inspiring me in so many ways. He taught me that different was a good thing.  

Mr. Clap/The English Teacher

Mr. Clap was one of those teachers you can never forget. He pushed you hard and didn’t take excuses. As much as I hated high school and all I could think about is how to escape. During the reading of Huck Fin (the original). As one of the only 3 black people in the entire school. Ok, maybe 5. Reading that book was a touchy situation. He offered me a chance to write the reasons why the “N” word should not be used. During which time he broke up the class into two groups. One group that opposed the word and the other for it.

After class, he invited me to his other classes to share my story. The school year was coming to an end and he asked me to stay after class. His words to me that day was, “Amanda, you are such a great person and have such a bright future. One day I can see you as a great speaker.” I never forgot those words so long ago.

Ms. Jackmen/The British Speaking Nurse Instructor

Oh, Ms. Jackmen. This list would not be complete without her on it. She is such a firecracker. She was my first clinical instructor and I was petrified to have her. As I heard horror stories that she was one of the hardest instructors and if you can pass her you can pass any of the others. I get her first. Right out the gate. My care plans use to bleed green (Her ink color of choice). A week in she had me doing an enema and bed change in front of my group (Not at the same time). I was such a nervous wreck. As scary as she was. This petite woman was gentle. She truly cared how you did.

She pushed you in ways you never thought possible. You would not want to disappoint her and I did many times. However, one day she brought me into her office and told me, “Amanda, there is not many women of color as nurses. Work harder. After all, you are much more than what you see and are smarter than you think. Stay focus on your goals and keep fighting no matter what.” What powerful words to say to a non-traditional college student, who was juggling a job, kids, and husband. I want to say thank you Ms. Jackmen for kicking me in the behind many many times.

There are reasons people come and go out of your life and some for the good and some for the bad. I can not express how much I am thankful for each one of these people who has touched my life in more ways than one.  For you, I dedicate what a real inspirational person is.

Do you have any inspirational people in your life? Share in the comments below.

Until next time sweets xoxo,


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  • Enanny Link

    Your Number One Person is pretty awesome!!! MOM!!!! I ? your relationship/connection to how you rate yourself as a Mom because of how/what your Mom was to you …… priceless ?

    May 17, 2017 at 9:36 am Reply
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