Last Minute Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 13, 2017

Love is in the air.

If you are like many of us and wait at the last minute to buy a gift or plan just don’t know what to get for your partner for Valentine’s Day. Then this is the spot for you. I have gathered last-minute romantic Valentine’s day ideas. I’m sure both of you would enjoy.

For Him

Make an appointment for a couples massage. If the budget isn’t right. Give him a full body massage at home and he can always return the favor.

Leave him love letters through the house and make him find them. A little scavenger hunt game.

Cook him his favorite meal. If you like cooking together plan a meal that neither of you tried before.

Have a candle light dinner ready for him. Dim the lights and light the candles. Food is the fastest way to his heart.

Play romantic games such as, strip pokers, or spin the bottle. Create your own romantic games.

Take photos together. This doesn’t need to be done professionally. If you have a camera start taking photos of each other and together.

Make him breakfast in bed. Let him sleep in and dish him up his favorite breakfast meal.

Have sexy time. We are busy women but let us not forget that we are sexual creatures and need sexy time.

Spend a day in bed. Forget the electronics. This can be a great way to reconnect with each other.

For Her

Take her for a walk on the beach or in the park and watch the sunset. This is one of the easiest and cheapest. But one of the funniest things to do.

Take her on a mini shopping spree. Let her run wild in her favorite store.

Take her to get her hair and nails done. Don’t just give her the money. Go with her. Spend time with her doing her thing.

Pick her out an outfit. If you are fashion forward and know what she likes. Pick her out an outfit you can show her off in.

Take her out to dinner. Gentlemen you are not the only ones that like to eat.

Cook her her favorite meal. She would love to spend a day away from the kitchen.

Transform the bathroom into a day spa. Gather up rose petals and candles. Fill the tub with hot water and bubbles. while she is relaxing you can talk to her or better yet join her.

Look at old photos together. If you have been together for a while then dig up photos of each other and walk down memory lane.

If you have some last minute Valentine’s day ideas please share.

Until next time sweets. xoxo



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