Learning To Love Yourself

February 28, 2019

It is possible to live life much more fully if you love yourself . However, knowing how to do that is something that many of us struggle with greatly.

If you are starting to feel that you could do with loving yourself a little more. Then you might want to know most of all where to begin. You might have even tried a range of techniques in the past. Possibly to varied effects and results. Regardless, no matter what you might have attempted or not, there are always ways to be able to learn to love yourself a little more.

This is absolutely something that is worth looking into at any time. If you are keen to do this. You will want to pay attention to a few things in particular. Which we are going to take a look at in this article. What follows is an effective means for starting to love yourself a little more each day and be able to make much more of life.


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Although you don’t ever want to get into the situation where you are basing all of your self-esteem on how you look. It is still likely that your appearance has some kind of impact on how you feel about yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should aim to look as society wants you to, but merely that you might want to do whatever is necessary to try and look more like you want to look yourself.

Depending on what this means for you personally. You might need some kind of a big change in your appearance, or just something relatively minor. In the former case, you might find yourself seeking something like revision breast implant surgery, or whatever it might be. That is fine as long as it is what you personally want for yourself. In the latter, it might be a simple case of wanting to have better skin, and so making a point of drinking more water and so on. Whatever it is, working on your appearance is always going to help you with learning to love yourself all the more.

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If you find it a struggle to come to terms with who you are in some kind of a reasonable way. Then you will want to consider starting to appreciate what your own traits are as best as you can. When we are divorced from our own appreciation of ourselves in this way, it makes it so much harder to be able to truly extend love towards ourselves. Which is something that we all need to work on from time to time.

The best way to do this is to simply sit down and write out what you consider your best traits to be. They might be along the lines of interpersonal skills, or they might be more qualities like intelligence or charm. Whatever they are, write them out and keep the list in your wallet or somewhere else you can get to easily. You will be amazed at how swiftly this improves your perception of yourself.


But it’s about much more than just what you are capable of. You also need to actually do things which you think are worthwhile and valuable. As long as you can bring about some kind of action which correlates to what you think you should be doing. You are likely to think more highly of yourself.

This could translate into working in a career which you believe is worthwhile. It might simply be a case of making sure that you treat others as you think they should be treated. In any case, it’s hugely valuable to make sure that you are trying to do what you think you should. As the more that you act in the way you feel you should, the better you will feel about yourself in general. This is clearly very important to do for most people, and something which most of us find to be a constant challenge throughout life as well.


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If you find you are always thinking about the past and the ways in which you might have failed. This is likely not leading to a very positive perception of self. Instead, you should aim to try and forgive yourself as fully as you possibly can, so that you can move on and continue to be as good as you can be. Ultimately, you cannot do anything about those past actions, except for try to move past them. You can’t move past them if you don’t truly forgive yourself. Remember that you deserve forgiveness as much as the next person and that you are able to give it to yourself – and then do so. This is one of the greatest acts of self-love you can possibly show.

Learning to love yourself can be easy or hard. Following these simple ways to improve on self-love is worth a shot. Do you have any examples or ideas how to help love yourself? Leave comments below.

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