Lone Star Bike Rally: Galveston Mishaps

November 30, 2017

I would love to say that all my vacations and trips are wonderful and full of unicorns and rainbows. Well, I am here to tell you that not all vacations are sprinkled with fairy dust. 

The Lone Star Bike Rally is like the Sturgis for the south. A bikers heaven. This bike week was suppose to be a great time for just my husband and myself. A trip without the kiddos. This was a couples getaway. There is no shortage of remembering our trip to Galveston, TX. Although there were mishaps after mishaps. I can proudly say the trip turned out to be great.

Money Pit:

Nothing gets a trip off track then money. That is what exactly happened to us. The day before our trip, there were unauthorized deductions from our account. My debit card was hacked, therefore the bank canceled the card. The funds were going to be refunded back into account within a few days. That was not an issue.

Before our great adventure. I made sure the household was in order and bills were paid. Once my card was canceled I didn’t take into account that the bills I paid didn’t go through. That is what happened to one of them.

While on the road and thinking all is good we stopped off for a quick breakfast and gas. I checked my phone and noticed that I had several emails. One which was from the insurance company saying payment was declined. Here we were on the road and to know the insurance was not paid. I made a quick call and all was well so I thought.


If money wasn’t the issue something else would have gone wrong. I have a habit of readjusting my bike mirrors. To make sure I can see out of them. This time, however, The right side mirror broke off completely in my hand. I was so furious. I thought my problems were behind me. My husband saw it as an opportunity to buy new motorcycle mirrors. After all, we were heading to bike week and there would be vendors all over ready to take our money.

No Place To Sleep:

Like I said money is the root of all problems. Again, it didn’t cross my mind that although my card was canceled that the hotel was still going to be booked. We rolled in Galveston around 5 pm. We called the hotel to let them know we were in town and about to go check in. The man on the other line stated that the room was canceled. This was a reservation I made a month in advance. No phone call or email was sent out to try and contact us. Flat out canceled.

After an hour of calling and searching in the parking lot of Golden Corral. We found a place 45 mins way that had a room for all 3 days. We scrambled to eat as much as we could and get on the road to the hotel. The shocker here was the hotel we ended up getting was nicer than the one we previously had and was cheaper. This I must say was a win-win. The only issue was the drive to Galveston each day.

The Grand Finale:

Our final night in a hotel could not have gone without a bang. After our last night on the streets of Galveston. We came back to pack and shower for the long morning ride back home. My husband was taking a shower. While brushing my teeth my husband kept complaining about how slippery the tub was and that the hotel needs to add non-skid to the bottom.

All of a sudden I heard a screeching sound from the shower. The next thing I know my husband, the shower curtain, and rod were wrapped around my husband. The noise was so loud I am sure the neighbors could hear. I couldn’t move and neither could he. The only word that formed out his mouth was “Oops!!” I was laughing out of pure entertainment and horror all at the same time. The damage was massive.

My attention was seeing dollar signs leaving my bank account. I knew the hotel was about to charge us for this damage. My husband is a sweet talker and knows what to say to control the situation.  He went down and told the manager of the incident and told him about safety and the manager was very understanding and told us not to worry about the damage caused.


To think nothing will happen on a trip is naive. Things do happen and they happen to the most prepared individuals. Being prepared in case of such mishaps can mean the difference between a great trip and a miserable trip. Although we endured a lot throughout the 3-day stay. I had a blast.  Seeing women bikers was empowering. Looking back. This was minor hiccups to what could and do go wrong on vacations.

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  • Life with Larissa

    I love optimistic you were during this whole ordeal! You could have definitely let that ruin your trip from the get go, but you didn’t. I can’t even imagine going through the stress of being hacked right before a trip! But I’m so happy to hear you guys made the best of it throughout the entire trip and enjoyed your time 🙂

    December 8, 2017 at 6:58 pm Reply
    • Amanda

      Yes it was a crazy trip but it turned out to be fun..

      December 9, 2017 at 9:11 pm Reply

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