Love Is In The Air! It’s Date Night!

February 16, 2020

It can be so hard to keep the romance alive in a relationship when time starts ticking on. Relationships aren’t always easy because relationships take work. People forget that they have to work on loving each other, and that’s where relationships fall apart too easily. We live in a world where we demand everything right now, and when things aren’t instantly fixed, we swiftly walk away.

Not anymore. It would help if you worked on keeping the fire burning. There will be times – especially in marriage – where you bore each other to tears. Being married for a long time makes you comfortable together, which is just fine, but that doesn’t mean that the initial passion that you have for each other has to be extinguished. Sometimes, you have to go back to basics. Do you remember the feeling of butterflies? You can still have those. You grow together in a marriage, and you need to remember that date night matters.

To help you out with that, we have put together some amazing things that you could do as a pair to remind each other that your love is still there. Let’s take a look!

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  1. Laugh Together. When was the last time you booked tickets to a comedy club? Why not start going to and looking at booking a table together for a meal, and then head to see a comedian? It’s a night of delicious food and hilarious jokes, and you get to do it together to release all those lovely endorphins!
  2. Escape. Right now, escape rooms are a big hit. Locked together, you must work as a team to get out of the room in a given time. You will find out how well you work as a team without kids around when you do an escape room – it’s a fab way to reconnect.
  3. Cook Together. Whether you book a cooking class or you stand in the kitchen with your favorite music on and cook next to each other, you can really have fun with this. Bake something outrageous, get cute with a flour fight. It’s a good bonding experience.
  4. See A Game. Whether you love football or basketball, seeing a match together is a great way to soak up a new atmosphere and feel recharged!
  5. Meet For Lunch. Sometimes, it’s hard to fit in a date night when you have kids. Get your partner to meet you for lunch, or you meet him for lunch. Go for a walk and a sandwich in the park – it’s romantic in its simplicity.
  6. Go On Tour. Throw a dart at a map, get in the car and go. Square away from the kids with a relative for a while and just go. Stop at random service stations and attractions along the way, and go and drive together. You can organize this mystery tour and really go out for each other that day.
  7. Step Back. Go back to the places you had your first dates, the locations where you fell in love and had your first kiss. Those old haunts will look so different now, and you can reminisce on old memories. It’s exciting to remember why you fell in love.

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