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Make Your Beauty Bucket List A Reality

October 3, 2019

Why not start a beauty routine? If you want to mix things up a little and keep your feet on the ground, you could start with your beauty and appearance.  Here are some fantastic ideas for a beauty bucket list that you could make a reality:

The trouble with life is that it’s too easy to get stuck into a routine. There have to be times where we go off the grid and do something different to the norm. For some people, this might mean doing something out of character, like skydiving. Of course, not everyone wants to get chucked out of a plane for fun!

beauty bucket list

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Professional nail art

Gone are the days when you could only paint your nails a single color. Nail art is stylish, fun, and helps you to express yourself. You may have thought about a DIY nail art session, but have you considered splashing out for it instead? This is a great step for your beauty routine.

If you get your nails done by an expert, you can be sure you’ll end up with the perfect outcome. Not sure what designs to have on your nails? Check out this list of 15 Instagram accounts you should follow for inspiration!

Discover your perfect brows

Without a doubt, eyebrows are one of the most important facial features. The sad truth is that they are also one of the most underrated ones, as well.

Have you considered booking an appointment with a brow expert? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? You won’t believe the difference some well-contoured brows will make!

beauty bucket list

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Dye your hair a funky color

Many people have flaunted a literal rainbow of colors from their hair. You’ll likely have seen some celebrities sporting a vibrant shade of green or purple. Live life on the edge and go for a completely different color!

The good news is that funky hair colors are achievable with semi-permanent hair dye. So if you fancy rocking a different hair color each week, for example, the world is your oyster.

Make your eyelashes stand out

Eyelash extensions are great. You can wake up in the morning and have that doe-eyed look without making any effort. It might be tempting to put on some false eyelashes or use an eyelash curler. But, it’s a better idea to get a salon to revamp those lashes for you instead.

Book yourself in for a wax

Some people shudder at the thought of getting a wax. After all, why would you pay for pain? Well, the answer is simple: short-term pain for long-term gain!

You might not enjoy the experience much at the time. Still, the good news is that your skin will feel amazing once it’s done. Getting waxed is worth it.

beauty bucket list

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Pamper yourself with a professional makeup and photo session

Make yourself feel like a million bucks – if only for a day! Pro makeup and photo sessions in studios are fun and make you feel great. You could even get them done every month!

Have you tried any of these beauty bucket list ideas before? What ones would you add to your list?

beauty routine
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