Mixed Girl Problems: Being Biracial in 2017

December 29, 2016

Mixed Girl Problems: Being Biracial Today. I have had to deal with being biracial my whole life. It isn’t something I can tuck away in a closet or pretend that it’s not there. When I look in the mirror I don’t just see a black girl, I see a white girl.

Growing Up blackish white

Growing up in an all white family was normal for me. I never felt out-of-place and never was treated differently.  I had a Michael Jackson 70s afro all up until middle school. It was horrible. I had both black friends, white friends, Native American friends. My school was not entirely a blank canvas. That being said,  it wasn’t that easy for me. I struggled with making such friends as they accused me of being too “white” and or too “black”.

Color Blindness

High School was over and I finally got to spread my wings and see more that my hometown could offer. I joined the military which offered me more diversity than ever imaged. Here I learned self-confidence. An adult now I taught myself that I needed to love me for me and not worry about how others viewed me. My big true turning point.

The Video

This video is me poking fun out of me being biracial. What good is it to hide who I am from people. There are generally people out there that don’t know about race in general. I’m here to shed some light on this matter. Not to just “white” people, but to “black” people as both seem to have such a misunderstanding of biracial people like myself.

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I hope you enjoyed the video. Please feel free to comment and leave me a message of your experience if any you have. Until next time sweets xoxo

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