Most Beautiful National Parks in Italy

November 7, 2018

Most Beautiful National Parks in Italy

What do you think of whenyou think of Italy? You think of Rome and the Colosseum, then Berniniand Michelangelo, and the Sistine Chapel and the rest. Do you thinkof perhaps vacationing at one of Italy’s national parks? Quitelikely you don’t. This is because Italy has become famous for itsinnumerable historic sites, but is not very well known for its sheerbounty of nature that’s evident from its national parks. However,these national parks do exist. They are endowed with stunningbeaches, fabulous natural formations, and a plethora of unforgettablethings to see and do. Let’s take a trip to Italy and check themout, shall we?

Pollino National Park

This is Italy’s largest national park. With its verdant landscapes, peaks and ridges, mountains and valleys, the Pollino National Park is just perfect for some energetic hiking. The park is dominated by the Pollino andOrsomarso massifs. The forests are green, the rocky cliffs are grey and the herbs grow yellow on the mountainside. This is a park that will rejuvenate your soul.

Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park

The enormous Gran Sasso massif dominates this national park, which is a favourite of mountaineers, hikers, and skiers. The tallest peak of the ApenninesMassif is Corno Grande, standing proudly at a height of 2,990 meters. This peak offers a number of slopes for skiers to enjoy. The Montidella Laga peak is less imposing but perfect for hikers.

Maddalena Archipelago National Park

Crystal clear turquoise waters abound in this park, which is a stunning natural beauty comprising of empty untouched beaches. These beaches line the shores of the islands that comprise an archipelago which is part of the park. The rugged peaks make for a perfect frame for the verdant valleys below. The park is located north of Sardinia. Apart from attracting mountaineers and hikers, the park is a draw for boatingenthusiasts who love to sail between the islands. The park containsmedieval monasteries and several impressive sights such as amazingrock formations.

Val Grande National Park

The Val Grande NationalPark is a gem in the lap of the Alps. The mountains stretch into the distance, undulating in a series of peaks, snow-capped mountains, and ridges. Located on the Swiss border to the north of Italy, Val Grande is the perfect call for hikers and mountaineers who clamber up the mountains to grab panoramic views of the perfect sunsets over the Alps.

Aspromonte National Park

Aspromonte National Park is located south of Calabria, with the immense Apennines range running through it. This park gives you stunning scenic views and plenty of history in the form of the abandoned ghost town ofPentedattilo. This town dates back to 640 BC. The park is wild, untouched and beautiful beyond words in a ruggedly scenic manner.

Stelvio National Park

Stelvio National Park has the kind of beauty that movie makers love. There are lovely flower-filled meadows that stretch for miles, finally giving way to verdant alpine forests. The incredible Alps frame the entire park, making for a mesmerising picture that’s too big to hang up over your mantel. The white snow-capped mountains and glaciers gleam in the sun. The yellow flowers that bloom in the valleys contrast beautifully with the white snow, creating lovely images.

Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park

This expansive national park with its rolling mountains and valleys offers some excellent hiking opportunities. The beautifully verdant beech tree forests offer sanctuary for the delightful rare wildlife that thrives in this park. Among them are Abruzzo chamois, Marsican brown bears andItalian wolves. Bright blue lakes dot the verdant green landscapes, and the whole of the park is framed by the towering peaks. This national park contains more than 2000 types of plant species as well.

Gran Paradiso National Park

The Gran Paradiso was originally a private hunting ground for Italy’s King. Today the park is a delightful sanctuary for the protected Alpine ibex that roam here in their hundreds. The park gets its name from the stunning Gran Paradiso Mountain that sits right in the middle of the park. The mountain’s snowy slopes and high pinnacles rip the clouds to reach beyond towards the heavens.

Cinque Terre National Park

Cinque Terre National Park is home to five picture-perfect towns that are situated right next to the coastal cliff faces. Which is famous for its unsurpassable beauty. The towns are idyllic and are the perfect destinations for honeymooners. A series of beautiful trails and paths connect the towns to each other. These wildflower-strewn paths are ideal for hiking and trekking. The towns have cute cobbled streets and old buildings that vibe with the region. Which the contrast between the towns and the verdant beauty of the park makes the park even more interesting.

Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

The Dolomiti BellunesiNational Park offers a massive dose of natural wonders to the nature lover. The panoramas are bewitching, and the Alps that frame the park are tall and snow-capped. Located in Italy’s Veneto region, the pristine alpine environment offers a fresh, reinvigorating experience to hikers and explorers.

Stelvio National Park

This park is home to massive glaciers that flow between rugged peaks high above the middling cities. The national park is located on the border between Lombardy and Trentino South Tyrol. Explore the 1500 km of trails and paths that take you on a discovery of amazing beauty at each the beautiful verdant paths lead to cute little villages which are worthy of exploring. The park is home to more than 260 Park is, including deer, ibex and the golden eagle.

Gargano National Park

Referred to as the ‘spurof Italy are worthy Gargano National Park is one of the Italian Peninsula’slargest parks. Green Adriatic Sea is framed by a green and white calcareous promontory, impressively overlooking the sea. The park offers a harmonious coupling of mountains and the sea, which is just perfect for pictures worthy of framing. In this park more interesting is that there are villages that look the same as they did decades ago.

Sila National Park

The Sila National Park stretches for miles between the provinces of Crotone, Catanzaro, and Cosenza. The park offers a huge diversity of landscapes, dotted with picturesque villages, lakes, mountains, and forests. Whether experience to the park on foot, horseback or bike, you’ll enjoy your holiday at one of the most pristine and beautiful national parks in Italy.


Italy’swealth of national parks awaits explorers, honeymooners, adventurers and nature lovers. It is fairly simple to plan a trip to Italy and get all details related to Italy tourist visa requirements and Italy tourist attractions. Nevertheless, while planning a trip to Italy, you are usually given information about popular Italian sightseeings rather than the breathtaking national parks of Italy. So on your next Italy visit, includes a couple of Italy national parks to your itinerary. These national parks are pristine and unbelievably gorgeous. Even looking at their images makes you want to visit one of these parks immediately. So do go ahead and do that. Pack your bags and head over to Italy now and explore its lovely national parks one by one. You won’t regret it!

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