My Life With Pegasus

August 5, 2020

The path through life can lead you in many directions. One of my paths was riding motorcycles. Who would have ever thought that I would be on two wheels. Here is the story of my life with Pegasus.

Mid-Life Crisis

It all started 3 years ago. My husband came home one evening after work. He had a smile that could light a room. He started talking about how some of the guys at his job ride motorcycles. My look to him was of any person with common sense. My reply was cold. “And, so what they got motorcycles”. His smile melted away.

Months went by and all I heard from sweet hubby was motorcycles. I could hear from the back room loud motorcycle pipes from hours upon hours of him watching YouTube videos. Deep down I thought, OMG, he is going through a midlife crisis. My next move was to get him out it.

I was so resistant at first not giving him the time of day on even a discussion about it. But, as usual, he wore me down. There is a saying, “pick your battles so you can win the war”. That was me. I caved and decided to listen and watch a few videos with him. Thought if I at least tried to see where he was coming from and what he was soon going to ask. I can be at least a little educated about it to form a good argument to say NO!

Caved In

Boy oh boy was I wrong. I started watching my own YouTube videos and came upon one showing beautiful African American women riding in my city of New Orleans. They go by the name of Carmel Curves. I was hooked. They were not only biker chicks revving engines and burning tires. They were educated. Doctors, nurses, and teachers. They held degrees. These were not bikers from television. They were not rebels. But warriors on metal horses. That’s when it clicked.

Where It Started

I’m a dreamer. I tend to never stick to one thing for long. As I hold many passions. So, I felt like taking this leap would be just like the rest. I would like for a while then move on to the next thing. However, my husband also wanted to do it. So, I needed to change my mindset. This might be a great way to spend time with him and squash my selfish thoughts.

I called Harley Davidson and booked us a class for training. Within weeks we were in class. The first day I was so nervous. Kept thinking to myself what did I get myself into. This was nuts. I’m too old for this crap. I have kids. Millions and millions of thoughts. That all changed the third day of class. I was now on a bike. Holding on for dear life. Hoping I could remember everything taught the two days prior. As I held on tight we were tasked to release the throttle slowly and move forward………

Biker Chick Was Born

Believe it or not, I was actually good at it. I took the turns and curves and was able to do any task asked while riding. I was smiling. Hold up. Let’s pause here. See, I’m always smiling. It’s just my personality. Even when I’m depressed or sad. I smile. However, this smile. This smile was from my toes and tickled the tip of every strain in my hair. I felt free. Even only traveling at 12 mph. But I was in control. I made that training bike my bitch.

After training was over, my husband and I couldn’t wait until the DMV was opened so we could get our endorsements. Who really can say they were happy going to the DMV. That same day we were at Harley picking out our first bike. At the time we felt it best if we got one bike and took turns. That lasted about 2.2 secs from the purchase. Instead jealousy came upon me as my husband drove Thumper home. Then he started riding it to work. Meanwhile, I took it out only a few times. I was utterly upset. So I started saving my checks. Then out the blue I seen her. Black Beauty sitting in a church parking lot with a for sale sign.

Take Me To Church

I’m not a holy roller, but that my dear was faith. With a quick call, a pastor answered the phone. We gave him an offer and he agreed. I signed the paperwork 30 mins after the call was made. Then it hit me. This is a big bike. Bigger than the 883 Sportster Thumper was. This was a cruiser. So I freaked out and hubby rode her home. She sat in the garage for three days. I stared at her. Just her and I in deep thought. I decided to pull her out of the garage and took her for a quick around the block ride. I was nervous. After the very short ride, she was parked again.

I couldn’t wait to call my husband to tell him what I did. Within days we were finally riding together. Then with a group for our first long distance ride. My confidence grew each time I got on. We rode to Texas and back and did mini rides all over Louisiana. So much riding my husband out grew his bike within 5 months. He decided to upgrade to a much bigger bike. However, myself was in love with Black Beauty. We were a team.


A year past and we were set for a quick ride with a good friend. Little did I know another life-changing thing happened. We stopped at the local Harley shop in the area we were at. A bike caught my eye. It was just like my husband, except it was purple and even bigger. It had everything on it. The sales lady Lisa Marie, was very knowledgeable and said, “This isn’t the bike for you”. I was saddened but ultimately knew it was true. However, Lisa Marie knew there was one that was just brought in and had me look at it. I was not eager and just wanted to go home with Black Beauty and call that day a lapse of bad judgment.

I bent around the corner of the building and there she was. A white bike and when the sun hits her paint she sparkles. She was clean. The last owner of this bike kept her well and did so many awesome upgrades. I saddled her and turned her on and that is when Pagasus was now mine.

How would I be able to afford this and where were we going to store three bikes. Well, the harsh reality is. I needed to trade in Black Beauty to get Pegasus. It was bittersweet. I was giving up my first bike. The bike that I grew to love. But then I really liked the Pegasus. She was new. So I did the unthinkable and traded Black Beauty. The ride home was that of nerves, paranoia, and buyers’ remorse.


The next day I took Pegasus for a real test drive. One hit of the throttle and I was gone. She has power, speed, and look. The honks I received from people. It was definitely an ego booster. But the realization that I might have something special.

Within weeks of owning Pagasus, I was offered collaboration deals from motorcycle companies. That for free product I would give reviews and post on social media. It was a win win. Pagasus and I were now models. I was than able to transform this blog. To incorporate my bike and riding. What better passions to have. Travel and motorcycles. Traveling is always fun. Rather you Drive in a car, plane, or train to get to your vacation destination. However, add the motorcycle and you got magic.

Adventures A Wait

Pegasus and I have been on so many fun adventures together from Texas to The Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee to Dayton Beach. There is no distance we will not do or conquer.

Pegasus has given me something that I was missing. I have a wonderful husband, great beautiful daughters. Great friends and family. But Pegasus filled something I didn’t even know I was missing. That was my identity. I was missing Amanda. To everyone, I am mom, wife, navy vet, cook, taxi, nurse, and daughter. I lost myself within these titles and roles. Pegasus let me see me. Made me push the envelope. Pegasus showed me the person I am, and most importantly the person I want to be.

Grad Rides

Then COVID hit. Not sure if riding was in the cards as COVID was rapid. Bummed I couldn’t ride and trying to find a reason to ride. Left me with many sleepless nights. Depression started coming back. This time with a vengeance. I couldn’t climb out. One night in really what was despair and a desperate attempt to call out for help. I looked over to my husband and said, “ All these kids out of school. Our kids are miserable at home. I can’t imagine seniors not enjoying prom or their high school graduation. Wouldn’t it be cool if we got a few of our biker friends together and did a ride by on motorcycles for seniors”?

He looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes as he too wanted to ride. “That is an amazing idea, put it out to our club and few other bikers”. I did just that. I got a lot of positive feedback.

So, I’m always go big or go home type of gal. I reached out to Harley Davidson. That is where I met Amy. Amy helped with the organizing of these rides. Then I was introduced to David. Now, this is where my dream was turned upside down in to full reality. He was able to help find bikers. The more bikers the better. Two days we were getting calls all over the New Orleans area. the first week we didn’t even have time to fully set things up and we were off to our first grad ride.

Giving Back

What turned into weeks turned to months. We were able to hit around 100 kids. From seniors, pre-k, birthdays, and kids with special needs. Each weekend I would watch videos of our rides. My heart was full, I would cry each time I would watch. It was special. This was me. You see, I have always had a heart to want to help. I wanted to be literally Mother Teresa. Minus the whole nun thing. I wanted my legacy to be that of a good person that did her part for humanity sake. Whatever that even means.

Before the grad rides finished we decided to join David’s riding club. We were riding nearly every weekend together. Life was great. Trips were in motion for Pagasus and I to finish the summer off with a bang and ride to Niagara Falls. The plan was quickly ended one Wednesday.


As I mentioned above, I was suffering from depression. Not really uncommon for myself. As many know why. But prior to Covid, my behind thought it was wise to come off my medication as I was feeling great. I was always in a good mood. Oh I was fooled by those pesky chemicals in my brain. Because Covid slapped the spit right out my mouth. So, I called my doctor and reached out to explain what was going on. Now mind you the grad rides were the only thing I was looking forward to and that was coming to an end within the next few weeks. So I took action. Wednesday came and I was sent to pick up my new meds at Va.

Life threw me a curve ball. I don’t know much of what happened after I left the Va. I know I stopped by to get hedgehog food and was on the same path I took hundreds of times. The next thing I remember is me feeling pain and seeing smoke. I could hear a man’s voice. From there I remember I was in the hospital. I received a head injury, neck, should and back injuries. I couldn’t move. The pain was excruciating . I was unable to eat for a week as my diaphragm was swollen from the seat belt. I couldn’t brush my teeth, comb my hair. Do basic life skills.

Week after week of seeing a chiropractor and no end in sight. Pagasus was parked. Collecting dust. My heart hurt. Riding gave me such pleasure, and when I feel down I take Pagasus for a ride. She is my therapy. Therapy that helped along with my medication. Pagasus kept me centered. But now I didn’t even know if I could ever ride again.

Too be Continued………

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  • Kimberly

    Thanks for sharing the story of how you first started riding. You’ve inspired me to share my story as well. Hoping you are well now and back on the road to recovery.

    August 6, 2020 at 6:37 pm Reply
  • Anonymous

    Thank you, yes I’m feeling better each day. And was able to ride this past weekend. So very happy about that.

    August 7, 2020 at 12:16 am Reply
  • Anonymous


    August 7, 2020 at 12:41 pm Reply
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