Planning a Cost-Friendly Wedding?

March 19, 2020

Saying I Do in the UK can break the bank. The average wedding cost in the country already breaches £15,000. Whereas in the US, it can cost over $30,000. For those planning a practical and sustainable wedding, there’s a way around it.

(As I try to grow my blog so does the growth of my audience. This article is focused on weddings in the UK, however, many of these tips and tricks can be applied no matter where you chose to have your dream wedding.)

1. Skip the Opulent Reception-Pick a Restaurant

The wedding reception accounts for nearly half of the total costs. Some venues may offer only food, which means the couple spends on decors and entertainment. Others may offer the place for only a few hours.

To spend less on reception, consider having it in a restaurant in Tunbridge Wells, for example. Many of these places can offer a wide selection of menu, from vegan to kids and steak. It allows couples to please the guests’ different palates. During special occasions, set meals may also include some bottles of wine.

What about bringing one’s food? Some restaurants may allow the couple to bring their wedding cake for a small to zero corkage fee. If the guests have other dietary needs, they may discuss options with the restaurant.

2. Consider Having the Wedding and Reception in the Same Area

Skip the travel and additional transport costs by using the same venue for the wedding and reception. For those who fancy the outdoors. They can look at the many charming, quaint cottages in Kent, manicured gardens, and even castles. These places have enough rooms and spaces to accommodate both events.

Restaurants can also do the same thing. Some of them may have an adjacent small garden or cottage, as well as a function room to hold a good number of people.

3. Use the Internet to the Utmost

For couples on a budget, the Internet can be their best friend. Besides being a rich resource of inspiration, they can use it in the following ways:

  • Send e-invites or save the dates for the wedding so that couples may avoid spending on printed cards. Tools such as Canva and Adobe Photoshop can make designing easy that they may not need professional artists anymore.
  • Create a wedding website for free where guests can keep track of updates or even RSVP for the event.
  • Stream the wedding for those who cannot travel to the venue.
  • Sign up for a wedding registry so that guests can buy presents anywhere they are. Couples also don’t need to secure more space to accommodate gifts.

4. Crowdsource the Wedding

Another way to curb wedding expenses is to crowdsource it, especially honeymoon. It turns out it’s one of the top three biggest costs for couples. In this arrangement, couples may choose to forego a wedding registry and instead encourage their guests to send money or give cash.

5. Get Friends and Family to Help

Wouldn’t be weddings even more intimate and exclusive when they become more personal? Couples can tap on the skills and talent of their friends and family members to further reduce spending. Does the groom’s mom have a specialty in making cakes? Perhaps she can bake for the wedding. Is someone an expert in design? They can create electronic invites and save-the-date cards.

Note: For couples who want to feel more relaxed on their wedding day, they can work with an on-the-day wedding coordinator only. It is still cheaper than full coordination, but it can help ease the mind of soon-to-be-wedded. They can again deal with the couple’s chosen suppliers, whether they’re relatives or friends.

Weddings in the UK can be expensive, but couples always have the option to cut back even on the essentials.

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