Things every mother should know about teenage daughters

Things Every Mother Should Know About Her Teenage Daughter

May 11, 2017

Things Every Mother Should Know About Her Daughter

Teenage daughters are mystical creatures. Treasured and revered.  Teenagers have never been discussed in those baby books such as What to Expect When You’re Expecting. There is no how-to guides and manuals on the ongoing chaos of the teenage mind. So I’m here to discuss some of my experiences on this matter. Here are things every mother should know about her teenage daughter.

The teenage years is just a phase and will soon pass. I know from experience and the fact I was a teenage girl many moons ago.

They Spend All Their Time in Their Room

My daughter’s door is always shut. There used to be a time where the boogie man would scare her and she would ask for her door to be left open. Now she asks for “privacy”. She comes home and goes straight to her room with the door shut. As disturbing and suspicion as this is. I came to find out this is just her way of unwinding from her long day at school. Her own small sanctuary.

Teens sleep all day long

Sleeps All The Time

My daughter has a busy schedule with school. Which consist of early mornings and late evenings. So I get it she is tired. However, comes the weekend she stays up late and sleeps half the day away the following day.

Hormones Are All Over The Place

I get it I’m a female and when aunt flow comes over for a visit no telling my mood. She was my little angel now the devil’s spawn. I have to keep a small amount of holy water nearby as some days I think she is possessed.  One minute she is smiling and talking my ear off the next she is jumping down my throat because I moved something that was hers. The reality is I have to make sure I keep her in check. Just because her hormones are causing her to be Lucifer doesn’t mean she can say or do what she pleases.

They Speak in Tongue

Every Mother should know that your daughters speak in tongue. Half of what my daughter says to me goes through one ear and out the other because I don’t understand her. I understand what LMAO and LOL means, but what the hell is YOLO, FML, and BTW. I need a new dictionary just to keep up.


Boys, Boys, Boys

Friendly chatter with her friends has taken a turn to talking about boys. She even talks to me about boys. Yes, this made my husband lose his S!@#!. However, this is normal and all teens go through this. It is a part of growing up. It is how you handle it that makes a difference. All my daughters know there will be no dating or so called boyfriends PERIOD!!! We set up an open door policy.  Let’s face it we are not around our kids 24/7 and we need to teach them how to become independent. That comes with allowing them to leave the nest every now and again. Teens are not always going to do the right thing and we have to trust that what we teach them they will utilize, but if not they still need to be able to come to us as parents so we can help. THE OPEN DOOR POLICY! Lucky for me my daughter talks about boys but as friends only.

Talking to Their Friends 24/7

My daughters favorite past time…..TALKING! I always have to ask my daughter if her jaw hurts from all that talking she does. Between texting, calls, Skype, Facetime, Snapchat, etc, etc. She is in constant communication with her friends. When they are not available, my ears have to go through the pain of nonsense gossip and teenage drama. Let me not answer her she will repeat herself and ask me if I heard her.


Well, I am 100% guilty of this. I love the whole selfie thing. My Daughter takes it to a whole new level. With new filters and color schemes, she is a one women photographer. Her phone is full of photos of herself and friends. Then she wonders why she has no memory on her phone.




My poor husband is constantly unplugging our daughters’ bathroom. The amount of hair and product that goes down that drain is ridiculous. Then the long hot showers. Our water bill has doubled. If she isn’t in the shower wasting water she is in front of the mirror doing her hair and makeup.


Makeup and Fashion

Since my daughter was young she has been drawn to fashion. She taught herself how to sew at 4 years old and made her own Barbie clothes. Now that she is older her fashion sense is well unique. She loves to experiment with different clothing options which include stealing my clothes. Then don’t bother buying matching socks for teens they will never wear them. The new trend is unmatched socks. On the flip side she loves makeup. A great time to bond with her.

girl with headphones

They Are Hard of Hearing

I can call my daughter’s name a thousand times and she will not answer me. I have to stop what I am doing to go find her. Once I find her, her headphones are plastered to her ears. Toning me out.

Messy Room

Walking in her room is a trap and I could literally get lost in there. Her room can never stay clean. Piles of clean and dirty clothes cover every inch of floor space she has. Then her dresser drawers are left half opened enough to knock your knee out of place.  I can’t walk in there without shoes. Last time I stepped on an earring and needed a tetanus shot. When she does clean her room it is done out of pure need for herself which includes her needing money and wanting to go to her friend’s house.

Not An Adult, But Not A Child

Yes, she has breast and a period now, but she is still a little girl. She still whines like a child when she doesn’t get her way. She still throws occasional tantrums as a child. However, she so desperately tries to be an adult and I see this often. There are those flashing moments of an adult. The way she talks and walks. How she acts around other people is more as an adult than a child. It is ever changing and scary to watch as she will one day not be a little girl anymore.

Want more information about THE TALK

Many teenagers should come with a warning label to caution people around them. However, having a teen daughter makes life a little bit easier. I actually have help around the house and I now have a person to go shopping with. It is not all bad and most of the time it’s like glitter and rainbows.

Do you have a teen and would like to share your experience. Like, comment, and share.

Until Next Time Sweets xoxo



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