Time To Shake It Up

January 24, 2019

You’ve been sitting behind that desk long enough. It’s time to get some exercise. But what do you feel like doing? The gym is packed full. Besides another half an hour on the treadmill doesn’t sound appealing.

You could go for a walk but it’s cold and dark outside. Plus, you would like some company.

Does this sound like some of the excuses you’re coming up with? To avoid getting out there. If it does then it just might be time to inject a little excitement and adventure into your routine. The go-to exercise habits might be getting boring and you need to find something just a bit different.


If you’re keen on heading outside but don’t want to be alone. Then join a running club. Research suggests that you’re very likely to improve both your times and your technique when you run with others. You’ll find the camaraderie and social activities a real bonus too.

Skating and Boarding

Still a bit tame? How about investing in some skates or a skateboard? You might feel like the oldest boarder but it’s such great fun so go for it. Besides, you’ll soon feel a lot fitter and feel those legs getting stronger. While you glide along. It’s a great cardio workout and again has the benefit of being something you can do with a group or even with your family.

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For those who want to try out something completely outside their comfort zone. How about climbing or bouldering?

Head to your local climbing center and you’ll learn the art of heading straight up (climbing) or along (bouldering) some impressive indoor structures.

If you’re really bitten by the climbing bug then you also have the option of heading outside with your club and practicing on some real life overhangs and cliff faces. You might even get to join a club outing to some really impressive mountains but don’t forget your ice climbing axe if you do!

Find Your Exercise

Lifestyle bloggers and health gurus across the web expound the virtues of exercise and fresh air but it can be almost impossible to get motivated if you don’t enjoy the activity you’re taking part in. If you’re strapping on your running shoes dreading even heading out the door. Chances are you’re going to find excuses to avoid the weekly run and quit pretty quickly.

The key to a great routine is finding activity or activities that you love. You don’t have to do the same thing every week. Weather dependent you might head down to your local rowing club for a scull across your local river. Maybe head off for a hack at your nearest riding school. Try out new things. When you come across them then you’ll change your way of thinking about exercise. It will go from a chore to simply living an enjoyable and active lifestyle.

You’ll sleep better, eat better, and feel better about every aspect of your life. The effects of movement on your physical and mental health are well documented. Get moving today and find your passions.

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