Top Ten Uses for Baby Oil

December 19, 2016

Top Ten Uses of Baby Oil

Baby Oil Uses

The top uses of baby oil which I came across a Pinterest pin about 20 useful ways to use baby oil.  I started to do a little digging myself. Many people already have this item somewhere around the house, and if not it is very inexpensive. Baby oil has been around for a long time and it isn’t just for babies.
1. Makeup Remover:

Stop buying the expensive makeup remover. Use a cotton swap and baby oil and it will remove all makeup, even eye makeup. Reminder, avoid getting into the eye.

 many uses of baby oil
2. Use it for shaving:

Baby oil leaves the skin soft and smooth without the nicks that come with shaving.

 3. Remove Temporary Tattoos:

If you have a temporary tattoo that needs to be removed use a cotton swap and baby oil to remove safely, leaving your skins soft and smooth.

4. Remove sticky gum:

I don’t know how this one works. The article says if you have a child with gum stuck in hair add baby oil and gum will come right out. Not willing to do the research on this one to see if it works.

 5. Stuck zippers:

Add a little baby oil to a stuck zipper and VOLA!!!

 6. Cracked skin:

This is a no-brainer as baby oil is a moisturizer. If you have cracked heels or hands baby oil is the way to go.

 7. De-clog Ears:

 Add a few drops in ears and it removes the wax. I would really be cautious on this one as you should not stick anything in the ear.

 8. Untangle Jewelry:

I have used this in the past. If you have stubborn tangled jewelry add a little baby oil to loosen up the knots.

 9. Squeaky Doors:

If you have squeaky door jams, add a little baby oil instead of WD-40.

10. Soft Smooth Skin:

Want smooth skin for the summer.  After showering add a small amount of baby oil to hands and rub all over. Then pat yourself dry. It is amazing. Doesn’t leave skin sticky.

Looking for more beauty tips go check out The Many Uses for Baby Powder. Baby oil is not just for babies anymore. If you have any uses for baby oil not mentioned above please share or comment.

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