10 Travel Mistakes To Avoid

December 29, 2017

When mistakes happen they can be a doozy. Mistakes can set a traveler back in so many ways.  There has been plenty of time that I had incidents where my family and I were stuck in a rock and a hard place. To avoid these mistakes. I comprised Top 10 Travel Mistakes to Avoid. I hope that this list will help you to avoid the same mistakes I have and others out there have encountered.

1. Social Media:

Social media is such a great way to share with the world your adventures and life. However, people tend to share too much information and at the wrong times. Not everyone on social media is your friends and there are people out there lurking to steal your thunder. To stay safe with social media follow these rules. Rule #1: Do not share when you are a going to travel. This includes the date and time you are leaving and coming back. This opens the doors for thief and burglary. I am sure Uncle Ruckus is eying your new 55″ flat screen tv. Rule #2: Do not post photos while on vacation. Hello, the rule still applies. Photos can wait until you get back. Rule#3: Do not take photos of any documentation or tickets. OMG!!! People, there are really smart criminals out there that will turn your life upside down.

2. Packing Medication:

Do not pack your medication in checked luggage. Always carry with you at all times. You never know if you need them. Ever heard those horror stories of people getting their luggage lost. This would be a disater if you kept your medication in that said luggage. The cargo storage is also not ideal for medication. It is hot and something humid. This can cause chemical reactions to your medication. Lastly, always fill your prescription before you travel. This will ensure you will not run out.

3. Carrying Cash:

Do NOT carry a large amount of cash. The saying “Never put all your eggs in one basket”, yes keep only a small amount of cash. This can be used for tipping and items that only require cash. Use a credit card or bank card. This way. If you lost your purse or wallet. You are able to connect your bank and cancel the cards and not lose the money.  Also, keep in mind for your protection many banks check to see where purchases are coming from. So if you go to another state. This might raise a red flag to the bank as a stolen card and they will put a freeze on the card. To avoid this from happening. Call your bank to inform them of your travel. Also, to increase the amount that you can withdraw. Another mistake many people forget to do.

4. No Joke:

This is a no-brainer right. Wrong, still today people are being kicked off flights for joking about bombs. Even if you are scared and paranoid and speak about it. They will kick you off. Do not joke about bombs, guns, or any other type of violence while on a plane or train. This will be a sure fire way of being kicked off or detained. Many agencies take this very seriously. This isn’t a time to crack jokes or to be funny. Relax and stay calm. You are on vacation after all.

5. Over Packing:

My #1 rule breaker. Overpacking. Try to avoid this. Pack clothing that can be interchanged with each other. Pack for the season as well to avoid overpacking. Only pack what you are actually going to wear. A good rule of thumb. Under pack. This leaves room for shopping. The downside to overpacking is airlines charging an arm, leg, and first born to check luggage. Stop paying for oversized luggage.

6. Travel Insurance:

Although this can cost a little extra. It is great to have. You never know what can go wrong on your trip. Having that peace of mind that if you lose your luggage or miss the ship you can get back home safely.

7. Updating Documentation:

Many countries will not let you cross the border if they see your passport is about to expire. Make sure passports are updated 6 months before the expiration date to save you the drama. Also, make sure all other documents are legible and easily obtainable when asked for them. Never pack documents in check luggage. Like medication. Documents need to be on hand at all times.

8. Follow Up Confirmation:

Many people plan vacations a year to six months in advance. Which is highly recommended. However, they forget to follow up on reservations. Always call ahead of time to make sure confirmation and reservations are still good. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and your hotel was canceled. I am guilt of this.

9. Over Doing It:

Traveling can be exhausting. Some vacations require a lot of walking and physical activity. Keep this in mind when you are booking. Ensure everyone on the vacation is able to do activities planned. Do not book too many high demanding activities back to back. The last thing is shortening your vacation. How would not love a 13-day vacation? I know I would. However, why spend 13 days in one location? Why not divide that time. For an example. I have 13 days of vacation. Five of those days will be on a cruise. Now I can take the 5-day cruise and take the other 8 going someone else during the same week. Or, I can take my 5-day cruise and save my 8 days further down the road to take another trip. This is not only time saving and is cost effective. You do not need to bunch your days all at once. Now if you work at a job where it is mandatory you have to take a vacation all at once. Plan accordingly to avoid exhaustion.

10. Sticking to the Plan:

Stick to your travel itinerary. Getting off track can cost your time and money. There is nothing wrong with the change of plans, however, getting off course completely can ruin a vacation. Stick to the plan as close as possible to avoid any mishaps.

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  • Morgan Isabella

    Hi Amanda,
    these are really good tips , many I have made especially making a plan and over doing it. Over doing it ruined my trip in parts and planning is difficult when you fall in love with a place.

    January 3, 2018 at 3:27 pm Reply
    • Amanda

      Yes, guilty as charged over here. I have done all of these on my list. The overdoing it caused a sprained ankle on one trip. There are so many places that I like and so much I wanted to do and still want to do. It is my mission to revisit my favorite places to continue what I could not do.

      January 3, 2018 at 3:32 pm Reply
  • Nina | Lemons and Luggage

    Hi Amanda!
    I have nominated you and ten other female bloggers from marginalized communities for the Sunshine Blogger Award: https://www.lemonsandluggage.com/blog/sunshine-blogger-award
    Check it out if you have the time. 🙂

    January 6, 2018 at 9:32 am Reply
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