Travelling when pregnant: 7 things to consider

February 8, 2019

Travelling when you’re pregnant can be a rewarding and relaxing experience. But many mums-to-be worry about the logistics and risks of going away when they’re carrying a baby. To ease the concerns and convince you about the benefits of going on a holiday when you’re pregnant, we’ve got seven things for you to consider:

travelling while pregnant

1. Choose your destination carefully

You might usually love an active adventure holiday, but trips when you’re pregnant are more about relaxing. Choose a destination that’s easy to get around and offers peace and quiet. You’ve got years of family resorts to come. While you can, treat yourself to somewhere that’s laid back and stress-free.

2. Consider transport

Pregnancy is a time when spending a little more money on transportation is a good idea. If you can, try not to be stuck in a cramped space for long periods of time. As Tips for Baby Travel says, pregnancy can cause circulation problems. So when you think about flying. Try to get the aisle seat so you can get up and walk around every hour. Wear loose clothing, and drink plenty of bottled water.

3. Schedule in breaks when you’re travelling

Listen to what your body needs, and stop to rest when necessary. Schedule some extra time for your travels. Plan accordingly when taking day trips. To make sure you’re not having to rush or stress. It’s perfectly fine to be active on holiday when you’re pregnant. Such as taking a sightseeing city break, for example. As long as you allocate this extra time.

4. Vaccinations

Depending on where you’re travelling to. You might need to get vaccinations. However, some vaccines are not safe to use in pregnancy. It’s vital to discuss any risks with your doctor or midwife before you travel. You might need to reassess where you’re travelling to based on their advice.

5. Let people know you’re pregnant

Wherever you go you should let people know you’re pregnant. Everyone starts showing at different times. The Travel Hack is right when they say this is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. But it can mean that strangers don’t realize you’re pregnant. People tend to be more cautious and patient when they realize you’re pregnant. Just letting them know where appropriate is a smart move. What’s more when at airport check-ins. You’ll have more chance of getting an aisle seat.

5. Dress comfortably

Of course, you’ll want to look great in your holiday pictures. However, when travelling pregnant. Your priorities change somewhat. Make sure you pack enough comfortable maternity wear. Maxi dresses are a great choice and don’t forget the flip-flops or sandals and as well as a sun hat. If you need some inspiration, check out this guide on what to wear on holiday when you’re pregnant.

7. Talk to your doctor

Before you’re ready to book anything. Double check your plans with your doctor or obstetrician. Typically, they recommend you don’t travel domestically after 36 weeks of pregnancy or internationally after 35 weeks. But it’s important you confirm what’s right for your pregnancy as everyone’s experiences are different.

Did you travel while you were pregnant? Share your recommendations and advice with us.

Travelling while pregnant
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