Viking Bag Backpack Review

August 21, 2018

Viking Bags: Backpack Review

In today’s review, I will be discussing the Viking bag backpack I received. Another great motorcycle accessory. 

**I may earn some cash from the companies mentioned in this post. That being said,  I only recommend products that I’ve used and loved! I Thank you for your support. Read full disclosure here.


I have had the pleasure of working with Viking Cycle and Viking Bags. I always love getting items in the mail. It is like Christmas all over again. My package arrived on time.


The Viking backpack comes with a hard shell and with plenty of storage space. You are able to adjust the straps around your shoulders, chest, and waist. The backpack comes with a rain protective cover.

I have a backrest on street glide which made it uncomfortable to sit all the way back with the backpack on. I was able to manage by strapping the backpack to the backrest and passenger seat.


Inside the backpack contains a compartment to store your laptop. With another open area for other accessories. I am able to store a pair of tennis shoes and my laptop with the cord. There was plenty of room left over. Inside where the laptop goes has a soft bottom to protect the laptop.


The outside has a hard shell for protection and soft mesh material that goes against the back. The back of the backpack contains two pockets one on top and one at the bottom. Both sides of the backpack as pockets to hold sunglasses, keys, or any small items. There are hooks to provided for adding or to strap the backpack down. 

This backpack is such a great added accessory to my street glide when I am traveling. I can’t see myself without using it on long road trips. Although as I said at the beginning I have a backrest that makes it difficult to wear the backpack. I can remove backrest or tie the backpack to the backrest as I did before. This sleek backpack would look great with any sports bike model that doesn’t come with built-in storage.

If you would like to own your very own Viking Bag backpack Check out the website here.

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