Ways To Stop Pressuring Yourself – And To Love Yourself More – Every Single Day

October 15, 2020


We have close to one-hundred years on this planet if we’re lucky and live an excellently clean life. Once that’s done and dusted, we don’t really know where we go – no evidence points us in any direction. So that’s why it’s up to us to live the life we have to the best of our abilities before we depart. A huge caveat to this notion is that we must cram as much in and live an amazing life – and that’s very pressurizing on the body and mind. A lot of people go through their years by being a little fearsome of how their life should pan out. They see how others do things and feel as though they should replicate it somewhat in order to keep up with how society says they should behave. This isn’t the way things should go. 

A lot of introverted people around the globe don’t get to go out and live the life they want due to all kinds of external pressure, and that’s pretty sad to see. The good thing about that, however, is that they can absolutely change things. It’s not set-in-stone that they’re going to see out their years with the same kind of burden or lack of confidence. Everyone has it in them to go out and live a wonderful life by doing what they want when they want – it’s just a case of taking part in a few things and training the mind to think a certain way.

If you feel as though you resonate with the group of people who simply apply too much pressure on themselves and need to find a little more self-love, then the good news is that this is just the beginning of your journey. Realizing where you are and looking to change is a marvelous first step. For now, let’s quickly delve into what you can do in order to relieve a little pressure and to love yourself so much more.

Understand That You Deserve A Happy Life

It’s very easy to get trapped into thinking that you’re just another person in this world. When we’re surrounded by so many others, we can feel so insignificant. There are literally billions of people inhabiting this earth all at once, so it’s easy to think you’re just a cog in this big machine. Others also have their own lives, so they can’t really focus on making yours better than it already is – they cannot be responsible for making the other seven billion individuals content. Many try in terms of running countries and entertaining the masses, but they are all temporary in the grand scheme. 

Without the constant validation of others, it, again, can feel like you’re on your own and that nobody cares. Understand that it’s not like that at all. You need to realize that you deserve to be in the best possible mood every single day. Things can knock you down, but as soon as you realize just how much you matter, a lot of the pressure falls away.

Nobody Cares About Your Flaws 

When you know you have issues and parts that could do with a little improvement, you zero in on it mentally. This, somehow, makes you feel as though others are looking at them, too. Our brains like to play these little tricks on us. Perhaps it’s the paranoia caused by social pressure or the TV shows we watch, but we feel as though others care too much about everything we do. They don’t, and as soon as you realize this, life becomes a little easier. 

Think Positively

Positive thinking is really difficult to execute when you’re quite a negative individual. Positive thinking will improve your life massively, though, because it will allow you to see the good in everything you do. It’ll also allow you to see the good in things outside of your control. As a pessimist, it’s very easy to feel sorry for yourself and moan at every single instance – even when they go well. Being more of an optimist will allow you to live life almost without mental restraint.

Just Look To Learn New Things All The Time  

Don’t feel as though you NEED to know new things all of the time – don’t get this confused. It’s good to become more of a competent person, though, as it’ll make you feel a lot more confident overall. It sounds quite harsh, but it’s easy to measure yourself up to someone else, and if you think they’re more complete than you, it can make you feel low. The more intelligent and competent you are, the better you’ll feel about yourself overall, and the pressure to be better than others won’t be there anymore. 

Change Up Your Look A Little Every Now And Then 

By no means will your appearance be judged all of the time, but it’s nice to shake things up every now and again. Staying the same can bore you and those around you – so it’s nice to add a little variety. You don’t NEED to do anything, of course – if this makes you feel pressured into changing, then don’t bother. Seeing yourself as a project and improving how you come across is quite fun, though. You could sort out a new hairdo, look for some new eyeglasses, change your entire wardrobe – the list is almost endless when it comes to the cosmetic side of life. And, hey, adding variety to your life will make you more attractive to more and more people, so that’s always nice if you need a confidence boost!

Use The ‘Best Friend Trick’ When Thinking About You And Your Life As A Whole

This is a great way of adding some self-esteem into your life. When you need to make your friend feel better about themselves, it’s very easy to pinpoint the good things and let them know that they’re loved. It’s quite difficult to do it to ourselves, though, right? We don’t trust our own evaluations and judgments of ourselves for some reason. Look at yourself as though you’re a friend. Judge yourself as though you’re not you – if that makes sense. You’ll get such a good idea of yourself, and you’ll be able to pick yourself up easily!

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