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Why Travel Agents Are Needed

November 20, 2019

Travel isn’t what it use to be when our parents booked. If they wanted a great getaway vacation. They had to go through a travel agent. Today travel is one click away. However, did you know that travel agents are still much in demand than ever? So, why are travel agents needed, when you can just simply look up your own vacation?


Not everyone has the time to scroll through the internet and find the best vacation deals. Planning a vacation can take days to weeks. Then, when you do all the searching, other vacations catch your eyes. Now you have a list of potential vacation spots. How can you decide? So sometimes time isn’t on your side. Travel agent’s job is that….Travel. We work making your dream vacation possible.


Have you been to exotic places? Do you even know how inexpensive it is to travel? Do you know you can fly to Puerto Rico without a passport? Travel agents are educated in their field just like a doctor or nurse is educated in theirs. There are classes and certifications a travel agent has to complete and be able to sell to the general public. Also, many travel agents have been to all around the world to educate themselves in firsthand experience.

Travel Agents


Travel agents are there to book that dream vacation. From start to end. Travel agents are the go-to for flights, hotels, car rental, and more. Agents can book tickets and any accommodation your family might need. Instead of I just wing-it mentality. Travel agents can assure you the best bang for your buck. This leads to the next topic.


The best part of getting a travel agent it is FREE! That is right. We do have to make a living. How we accomplish this is through commission. You are not paying us. The companies are paying the travel agent. Also, travel agents are able to work with you on a budget. Not everyone can shell out thousands of dollars on the spot. Travel can be planned a year in advance to accommodate your budget. There are payment plans.

Travel agents have the key to all problems. One is the advantage of payment plans. Can online companies offer this? Yes, some do. But there are not many. Travel agents know the ends and outs. Know when to book and who to book with. Most travel businesses only deal with travel agents and not online. Meaning you might be missing out on so really good deals because you only saw what online showed you.


Travel agents offer some of the lowest travel insurance rates. This ensures a safe and fun vacation. Many online sellers can’t offer insurance. So, what happens when you land in Mexico, hop in the taxis and walk into your hotel and something went wrong? You could call the online company. But, most of the time they will have to book you elsewhere. With a travel agent if anything were to happen you call the travel agent. The travel agent is your point of contact. From start to finish. If ever a problem were to arise. The agent is able to get in contact with the hotel and fix the problem right there.

Check out what I can do to make your dream vacation become a reality!

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