Why We Should Go On Vacation Without Kids

March 20, 2020
vacation without kids

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While there is that age-old adage that travel broadens the mind you could argue that it’s the opposite when you go traveling with kids! There are so many parents that come back from vacation feeling that they need to have another one. Because they’ve been pushed to their limits! And as a parent, we may very well think about going on vacation without our kids but logic or finances override the decision. But, let’s give you some real reasons why you should, on occasion, go on vacation without your kids.

You Get To Do What You Want

If there have been Galapagos tours you’ve wanted to go on but your teenager shot down the idea so many times and wanted to go to Disneyland. You always feel that you need to do what they want. In order to go on vacation by yourself, you actually have to decide on what you would like to do. And this may be something you haven’t done for years! If you actually going on vacation without your children. The only people you have to please are you and your partner!

You Spend Time With Your Partner

When was the last time you had a conversation with your significant other? If your conversations revolve around household bills, the ironing is being done. It is time to completely escape this! Going on vacation without your children can be a shock to the system. And yes, maybe for the first 24 to 48 hours you will talk about how much you miss your children. After that, you will get into the swing of things! You can open a bottle of wine and actually finish it! You could decide to go and stay out beyond 10 pm. But more importantly, you actually spend time with your partner. You may have a proper conversation, who knows?

It Gives You The Opportunity To Miss Your Children

If your children drive you nuts at every given opportunity. Taking time away isn’t just good for you but it’s good for them! Your children can take you for granted and when you go away they will realize just how much you do for them. But also this gives you the opportunity for you to miss your children. Sometimes we can be cooped up with our children. So much that every little conversation turns into a pressure cooker. But going on vacation without your kids doesn’t just give you the opportunity to do what you want when you want, but it also gives you the opportunity to look at pictures of your children on your phone. And then, no doubt, you will decide to phone home and hear a whole cacophony of crashes. And you will automatically regret it!

We love our kids but we need to spend time away from them on occasion! Going on vacation without our children could make us feel guilty, especially the first time. But once you realize that going on vacation without your children can make you a better parent and give you that all-important opportunity to relax, everybody will feel the benefit!

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vacation without kids
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