Winterize Your Curls

December 19, 2016
Winterize your curls using my easy steps and inexpensive products. That gives your curl a healthy look and bounce.
I started to try to do the natural curly hair about a year ago. At first, I was hesitate as I have seen my hair and the bird’s nest it can create. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair as I am learning the trick and tips as I also share them with fellow natural curly hair girls. I have picked up great tips this past summer on ways to maintain my curls, yet enjoy water for once in my life as it was not my enemy after all. Now that winter is in full swing. I gathered up some do’s and don’ts that will keep those curls in tip-top shape.
Healthy Diet
Eating a well-balanced diet is a must at all times to grow great healthy hair. It is important to maintain a healthy diet throughout winter to promote growth. Drink plenty of water. Get out and exercise. Eat plenty of protein.
Silk wraps and Scarves
Wear silk wraps to bed after applying moisturizer to your hair. Not only will the silk wrap hold the moisture to your hair, but the silk wrap will protect your hair from being pulled on your pillow during the night unless you are like me and have a silk pillow case. Another great tip.
Keep your hair moisturized. I say this in every post I write and every post I read it all leads back to moisturizing the hair. You can not have beautiful curls without a great moisturizer. The dry air that winter brings can also dry out your hair.
Trim the Ends
So on this one I didn’t expect this to be a tip. I wrote in a previous post that cutting your hair does not make it grow, but what I have read on this matter during the winter time it is a must. Don’t cut your hair trim the ends only. Once you have trimmed the ends apply a moisturizer to lock in the ends.
Wearing hats
I read an article or two saying not to wear hats or beanies on your head as they tend to pull on your curls and can damage curls when you remove from your head. I love hats and scarves they make great accessories during the winter months and I could not imagine ditching them for my curls. So, I did more digging. I found a great way to solve this problem. If only I came up with this idea on my own. I can not take create for this one so kudos to that special someone from saving my hats from dooms day.
       *If you want to wear a beanie or hat. Use a silk cap. By applying the silk cap on your hair first then add your favorite hat etc. This protects your hair from the pulling many hats have due to the fabric.
Dry Your Hair
Dry your hair before leaving your house. If you are like me with thick hair and trying to dry it. This is a big feat I have not mustered up to yet. I still walk out my house with wet hair. The end result I’m freezing the rest of the day. I have a great defuser with my blow dryer and I use the low heat setting which can take me a good 30 minutes to dry my hair. Sometimes I’m in such a rush that this can not take place. So I might need to up the heat even though heat isn’t a good thing to curls.
Use a Heavier Oil
I love coconut oil, but it is such a light product that it will not really work during the winter. Go with oils such as Jamaican black castor oil, Mango butter, Olive oil, and shea butter.
Wash Hair Less Often and Deep Condition More
Washing your hair strips the natural oils from your scalp and hair. I talk about this in another post. I really cut back on my shampooing since winter, due to the fact of having to dry it as I stated above not fun. But I have to keep my hair clean so I opt to a deep conditioner instead.
Massage the Scalp
I wish I can go to the hairdresser all the time just to get my scalp messaged. Using a great oil to message your scalp will not only keep your scalp from becoming dry and flaky but it promotes hair growth by stimulating the blood flow. Kill two birds with one stone.
Protective Hair Styles
Putting your hair in protective hairstyles protect your hair from any winter or summer. This is my go to look if I’m running late or plan just don’t want t do my hair. There are great protective styles on Pinterest that will serve for any occasion.
If you any great ideas on how you winterize you natural curl drop me a line or two.
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