Yachts: The Trendiest Party Venue

March 9, 2020

The major reason why most people think yacht purchases or rentals are costly is the idea that yachts are only for the most luxurious. However, it’s not always the case. It’s one of the most versatile water rides, as it can be used for ocean cruising, fishing, or extreme sporting, depending on the model.

Yachts come in various categories ranging from the sailing yacht, expedition yacht, classic yacht, gulet yacht, fishing yacht, cruiser yacht, catamaran yacht, and the motor yacht. The motor yacht is the most popular as it is commonly used for yacht parties. But there are other options available for other purposes as well. So, if you’re planning a yacht party In Sydney or Singapore, you can rent the yacht that suits your needs when you know the various kinds.


While multi-level yachts are typical in the modern world, seeing a three-leveled deck up close is a sight to behold. These yachts offer the best sailing experience, and they are mostly available on luxury cruisers. tri-deck yachts are common on vessels meant for upscale parties and vacations. They have plenty of space and recreational facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, bars, dance floors among others. Additionally, the amount of closed space available on tri-decks enables you to host a sizable number of people. As such, if you’re planning an event whether it’s a private one or a corporate party, a tri-deck is the way to go.

Flybridge Style

If fishing is among your favourite sports, then flybridge design is the most sensible choice for you. It gives easy water access compared to other yacht designs. Additionally, it has a better visual range, which allows you to spot lines all the time, resulting in some impressive catches. The flybridge style has a large cockpit, a standout feature which enables you to haul in your catch with ease. Moreover, this has exceptional power which makes them attractive to most fishermen. They easily handle rough weather and have a speed high enough to get you out of rough waters as quickly as you want. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to this design, as long as your fish keep biting.

Sky Lounge Design

This design category features an open to sky window located at the topmost compartment of your yacht. The completely livable space brings in cool air, allowing you to relax while you sail. The sky lounge room comes with all the amenities necessary to make a room habitable. For instance, it has a controlled temperature, so you can also spend a night in it. Some sky lounges come with a sunroof, which helps you enjoy the waters and the breeze. Because of this feature, a sky lounge design yacht is the most popular choice for those planning a romantic getaway.

Knowing all these styles and designs will help you choose the most suitable yacht for you. Other factors to consider are the number of people you will invite on board the yacht, how far off the shores you will be going and how many days you’re planning to sail.

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